Golf Pride unveils all-new Reverse Taper putter grip collection

Golf Pride, a leading golf equipment brand and the number one grip in golf, has unveiled an all-new range of Reverse Taper putter grips as part of its new Stroke Enhancement Collection.

Speaking on the new release, Golf Pride President, Jamie Ledford, said: “This is an incredibly significant launch for us, combining new Golf Pride technology with new materials. With our storied history in swing grips, we’re excited to be taking huge strides in the putter grip category and becoming a serious challenger. We’re putting control back into golfers’ hands with Reverse Taper, and we’re excited to see the collection on greens around Europe.”

Reverse Taper is a new technology that stabilises both hands during the putting stroke for a squarer putter face at impact – regardless of the player’s gripping style. The new Reverse Taper design features a slim upper hand section and a gradually wider lower hand section to create the ‘Reverse Taper’, in addition to a soft feel and enhanced tacky texture with dimple pattern for added traction.

Bruce Miller, Global Product Manager for Golf Pride, commented: “After extensive periods of testing and design refinement, we’re thrilled to finally be unveiling our all-new Reverse Taper technology grip. This unique design is proven to stabilise both hands on the grip and help golfers to deliver a squarer putter face at impact. This marries two of our key purposes at Golf Pride: to highlight the significance of the hands and grip relationship, and to help golfers perform at their best.”

Through player testing and the gathering of consumer insights, Golf Pride has discovered that a common cause of players struggling with the putting stroke is more often than not, an overactive lower hand. Reverse Taper technology helps a player to smooth out the overactive tendencies of the lower hand, ultimately allowing each hand to perform at its optimal level and enhancing performance on the greens.

Using a SAMS putting lab, Golf Pride tested a total of 364 putts, with over 21,000 variables measured. Conditions measured included: face path, back swing ratio, forward swing ratio, timing, path, face position at impact, loft, face rotation, and more. Through this testing, Golf Pride was able to determine that Reverse Taper technology delivers a 15% squarer putter face at impact (measured in degrees) vs a parallel putter grip when comparing a zero-degree starting point (straight 12-foot putt with putter face aimed at target). By placing the hands correctly on the putter utilising Reverse Taper technology, golfers will be able to return the putter face square to their target line more often.

The Reverse Taper collection will be available to purchase in three unique shapes. The first is a round-back grip with a small flat section on the front, the second is a traditional pistol style in the upper-hand, and the third is an innovative flat sided grip to allow for a squarer feeling at address. Each shape is also available in two user-friendly sizes (medium and large) to allow players to benefit from Reverse Taper technology in their preferred grip size.


Sizes available in each model: MEDIUM, LARGE

The development of this first series of products within the Stroke Enhancement Collection signifies an enormous step in Golf Pride’s unwavering pursuit to providing golfers around the world with the very best grips and grip technology. Through years of research and development, Golf Pride’s talented product development team (located at the Grip Innovation Centre within the company’s headquarters in Pinehurst) has perfected a unique synthetic material that allows for enhanced feel, comfort, and control on the greens.

Becoming a better putter starts in the hands and ends with the stroke, and Golf Pride believes and knows that putting improvements can be made from the correct use of the hands, rather than attempting to remove them from the stroke.

Golf Pride’s Reverse Taper putter grips are available for trade pre-order now. To make your order, contact your local distributor or sales representative who will be able to assist with your selection. Reverse Taper technology will be made available to global consumers in mid-February 2024. To find your nearest distributor, visit:

To learn more about Golf Pride, its innovative grip technologies, and its full range of swing grips, head online to:

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