Weston Joins Foremost team

Golf Monthly’s former Staff Writer, Michael Weston, has been appointed as the Elite Marketing Programme Editor for Foremost Golf’s innovative EMP digital newsletter and web communications.

Weston will operate alongside Foremost’s Publications Manager Graham Starkey, who has extensive experience running web-based newsletters both in the UK and South Africa. Starkey will head up the team of Local Marketing Editors that will be now based at Foremost’s HQ in Slough, offering individual editoral and business support for the communications.

The appointment comes at the same time as Foremost Golf has reached an agreement with Golf Monthly to supply a wide range of instruction, equipment testing, videos and generic golf content for its EMP member communications.

Weston worked as a freelance writer for Sportsbeat while graduating with a First Class Honours degree in Sports Science from Kingston University. He spent four years working first as a Staff Writer and then Digital Editor at Golf Monthly before spending a further year as a Social Media Consultant for The Football Association.

Foremost Golf believes Weston’s experience working in various areas of new media will be invaluable as it continues to upgrade its newsletters and websites for the benefit of its EMP members.

“We have no doubt that Michael will play a massive role in helping us to make the EMP newsletters more attractive to our potential customers,” said Foremost Company Director, Andy Martin. “He has a great deal of experience working in various areas of new media and his past links with Golf Monthly will be of huge benefit as we are working together to upgrade the content of our newsletters and websites.

“We’re delighted to welcome him as part of our expert team.”

Golf Monthly Editor, Michael Harris, has no doubt that Foremost will reap the benefits of employing Weston as its Digital Contents Editor and looks forward to working with him again.

“I was very pleased to hear that Foremost had appointed Michael and have no doubt that he has both the ability and the drive to make a big impact in their organisation,” Harris said. “We were all disappointed when he elected to join the FA last summer so it will be good working with him again.”

Weston started his new role in September and is determined to utilise his knowledge of both golf and the new media to produce an attractive newsletter that the customers of its EMP members will want to read as soon as it hits their screens.

“I was delighted to be invited to join the team at Foremost and I’m determined to use my skills to produce a newsletter that will help our EMP members maximise their sales,” he said.

“It’s great news that we will have access to a wide range of Golf Monthly material because that can only help to widen our audience and help spread the news about the impressive range of services and special offers Foremost EMP customers provide for their rapidly expanding customer base.”

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