Club Car’s new Precedent i3 delivers ‘smart’ business benefits

Club Car has unveiled the third generation of the company’s flagship line of Precedent vehicles and the first golf car equipped with built-in ‘connected’ technology – the Precedent i3.

The latest version of Club Car’s Precedent golf car offers, as standard, a fitted screen that connects the vehicle to the golf operation – including the golf shop and maintenance facility – communicating fleet performance information and diagnostics, which an operator can now access via smartphone, tablet and computer.

The new car builds on the technology Club Car pioneered with the Visage Mobile Information System in 2004, enabling operators to receive, in real time, enhanced information on battery status, service notifications and detailed diagnostics that can mitigate and prevent maintenance issues.

The system also enables golfers to receive overview displays of each hole, electronic scorecards and hole-by-hole information, as well as weather alerts and other messages from the golf shop.

“Machines that interact with the businesses and customers they were designed to serve become more than just machines. Effectively, they are smart tools capable of supporting business objectives, which is what makes the new Precedent i3 a true business resource for our customers,” said Club Car President and CEO Marc Dufour.

“Properly leveraged information is the competitive difference in most businesses today,” he continued. “The information Precedent i3 provides gives operators more control of their operation, which can lead to a more successful business.”

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