Foresight Sports Install at Welsh Club of the Year

The 2013 Welsh Golf Club of the Year, Langland Bay, has enhanced its reputation further by installing golf’s most in-demand coaching and club-fitting technology: Foresight Sports GC2 smart-camera system.

With his club having come close to winning the Golf Union of Wales honour in the past two years, PGA director of golf Andrew Minty was delighted to finally get his hands on the title – and believes the planned installation of the GC2 may have been a factor in the award.

Minty, 32, explained: “I have wanted to win this prestigious award for a number of years, and to win it this year is testament to all the staff’s hard work over the last few years and the great strides we have made as a golf club. It is personally an honour to win this award and one of which I’m very proud.

“The members love the fact they will have an indoor facility to use and warm up in. Also, it provides for them the ability to play indoors on a championship course – for example the Brabazon course at The Belfry – see the ball flight on the screen, and make practising an enjoyable part of their membership, whereas, before, practising was limited.”