American Golf chooses Foresight for custom fitting

American Golf stores across the UK are to install Foresight Sports GC2 technology to provide an accurate custom-fitting service within the high-street golf retail sector. It’s claimed that the GC2 is the only technology to directly measure critical ball flight data at launch and is an accurate tool for club fitters, retailers, and teaching professionals alike. The first GC2 simulators will be installed in American Golf’s latest stores in Oxford and the recently opened flagship store in the City of London, with a roll-out across the UK to follow.

It’s said that Foresight’s use of ultra-high-speed cameras, to image the exact movement of the dimple patterns on the golf ball, ensures accurate, reliable data, for all seasons and conditions , whether indoors or on the range. The key benefit for American Golf’s professionals, fitters and advisors is that the data measured and presented by Foresight’s technology is the most accurate available, ensuring the best custom-fitting experience available and therefore the ultimate in-store service for the customer.

American Golf’s retail director, Tony Walsh, said, “Custom fitting has become an important part of our business and is quite rightly demanded increasingly by golfers. We want to introduce a system that is proven to provide accurate data indoors and the Foresight Sports GC2, which is rapidly becoming the industry standard, enables us to achieve that. To maintain our position we need to offer the best technology and services to our customers and have been delighted with what we have seen from the GC2 so far.”

Ed Doling, Foresight Sports Europe sales director added, “We are delighted that Europe’s largest golf retailer has chosen to install our technology into its stores. With the GC2 providing the most accurate data, our clients are able to provide the most accurate custom fitting. In turn this ensures the happiest customer, increased repeat business, and hugely positive word of mouth. At the end of the day the choice of launch-monitor technology is vitally important as it directly affects the bottom line.”