Stewart Golf releases upgraded XSeries

Stewart Golf has released a new version of its X Series remote controlled golf trolley. Based on the same electronics system as the advanced X9 Follow announced in April, the new X9 Remote uses the latest in Bluetooth technology to connect the machine to the compact handset.

The accuracy of the new Bluetooth communications system has allowed engineers at Stewart Golf to refine the remote steering even further. Coupled with the increased traction that the new V3 wheels provide, the X9 Remote is now smoother and more responsive than ever.

The X9 Remote is controlled from a new rechargeable Bluetooth handset meaning customers never have to worry about when they last changed the handset battery. The handset also allows the user to speed up or slow down, turn left or right or stop the machine. There are also three programmable cruise control speeds that allow the user to resume their walking pace at the touch of a button.

The X9 Remote is hand built in Great Britain with each machine fitted with two powerful motors, also made in Britain. A lithium battery is supplied as standard and a full two year warranty is backed up from the SG factory.

CEO Mark Stewart said, “The X9 Remote was developed alongside the X9 Follow, so they share a lot of the same architecture. During testing it became clear that the improvements we have made to electronics, communication, wheel design and motors have significantly improved the product. This is the best remote machine we’ve built by some distance. After as few as nine holes, using the compact handset becomes second nature. Customers often tell us how relaxed they feel when using a Stewart remote machine, which leads to a better golfing experience and helps them ultimately lower their scores.”

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