Revolutionising the Range: How Toptracer continues to transform driving ranges across the UK

    With the evolution of technology, golf has seen a profound transformation across the board – something that is epitomised by the rise and success of Toptracer Technology. Toptracer has been revolutionising driving ranges across the world for more than ten years, and with a stable of over 1,000 ranges in a total of 36 countries, the brand sits at the forefront of the range technology industry.

    More than a decade down the road, Toptracer’s impact at its more recent installs continues to be game-changing for driving ranges around the UK – with businesses reporting eye-opening results in 2023 and early 2024.

    Playsport Golf Range, situated on the outskirts of Glasgow, has witnessed a remarkable surge in business following the adoption of Toptracer Technology, with a staggering 52% increase in range balls hit and a phenomenal 90% revenue growth underscoring Toptracer’s impact.

    Meanwhile, Gloucester Golf Club’s narrative is one of resilience and resurgence. Facing adversity prior to embracing Toptracer, the club experienced a monumental turnaround, with a staggering 350% increase in range balls hit. The club emphasises the transformative experience facilitated by Toptracer, fostering a more enjoyable and engaging environment for its members and visitors. What’s more, Toptracer’s analytical insights have empowered the club to optimise operations and target key demographics, further fuelling its success.

    Toptracer the catalyst for 90% revenue growth at Glasgow golf venue
    Playsport Golf Range, one of the UK’s biggest driving ranges, has reported record business growth in 2023 following the installation of Toptracer Technology.
    Located on the outskirts of Glasgow, the multi-floor driving range boasts 56 premium bays – and a thriving membership base of approximately 500 golfers – and in 2022 made a strategic decision to embrace Toptracer Technology following a plateau in traffic over the previous year.

    In the first 12 months post-implementation, Toptracer has made a significant impact, as the number of range balls hit soared by over 2.3 million, a remarkable 52% increase on the pre-Toptracer era. This surge in activity translated to a substantial financial boost for the venue, with revenue climbing from 2022 to 2023 by over 90%.

    Colin McEwan, Director and General Manager of Playsport Golf, attributes this success not only to the cutting-edge technology but also to the ongoing support received from the Toptracer team. McEwan notes: “Regular contact with key personnel has been a distinguishing feature compared to experiences shared by operators working with other technologies.”

    The introduction of Toptracer has not only redefined the golf landscape at Playsport, but it has also positioned the venue as a sought-after destination for both traditional and non-traditional golfers. Strategic social media promotions have played a pivotal role in creating awareness about the Toptracer-enabled facility.

    McEwan reflects on the initial hesitations and highlights the wisdom in aligning with the majority of the market: “My business partner thought that because everyone else has Toptracer, we should do something different, but personally I thought going with what the majority of the market has done means that you have a bigger client pool – there are more people registered on an app that might want to use our facility. This has absolutely proven to be the case.”

    Playsport’s success story with Toptracer is not just about numbers; it’s a testament to the transformative power of technology in enhancing customer experience, fostering community engagement, and driving financial prosperity. As the venue celebrates a phenomenal first year, the anticipation builds for continued growth and exciting developments in the years to come.

    Toptracer Install at Gloucester Golf Club brings business back from the brink
    Just a few years prior to installing Toptracer technology, Gloucester Golf Club had been on the brink of closure, but thanks to a dedicated stable of staff and members, the club stayed afloat. In 2022, whilst looking for opportunities to increase revenue and cement the business as financially viable, the club turned to Toptracer, and just 12 months and 1.8 million balls later, the club is thriving.

    Before December 2022, Gloucester’s driving range processed around 400,000 range balls a year. By December 2023, in the 12 months after the range unveiled Toptracer technology, the venue had processed an incredible 1.8 million balls. This 350% increase demonstrates the popularity brought about by Toptracer and its ability to bolster the driving range experience.

    Elsewhere in the business, Gloucester Golf Club has opened a café and bar, having been able to justify the investment due to the increased revenue brought in by the driving range. The ability to provide visitors with a more rounded experience that isn’t solely focused on golf has given customers more reason to return, and returning customers now make up a large portion of the range’s clientele.

    Keith Wood – General Manager at Gloucester Golf Club – spoke of the improved experience at the range thanks to the installation of Toptracer technology: “It’s just more enjoyable, compare it to hitting balls into an outfield and it’s night and day. In terms of the games you can play, the courses you can play, you can play against your mates, or your family and you can really make the most of it. If you’ve got a driving range and you don’t put in range technology, you are missing out. Big time.”

    The club has also seen a dramatic rise in non-members utilising the facilities and the club believes that around 70% of the visitors to the range aren’t Gloucester GC members – a small percentage of those non-members have since joined the club off the back of their driving range visits.

    Finally, Wood confirmed that without Toptracer’s behind-the-scenes insight and support, the club wouldn’t have been able to maximise Toptracer’s impact to the same level. With the help of Toptracer’s venue insights, the club is now targeting specific times of day, working on certain bays, and marketing to specific demographics where they know there is room for improvement.

    Toptracer continues to evolve and improve its industry leading product – and even over a decade after their first range install, the brand is still transforming businesses and taking revenues to stratospheric new levels.

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