Golfzon WAVE: Revolutionising Winter Golf for Pro’s, Clubs and Golfers

    Golfzon is a bestselling, global golf simulator company. Named best golf simulator by Golf Digest in the publication’s annual Editor’s Choice Awards for five consecutive years from 2017 to 2021, and in 2022 the only golf simulator to be awarded Golf Inc. Magazine’s Most Innovative and Exciting New Tech offering. Beyond its massive global presence, Golfzon also hosts two professional virtual golf tournaments (GTOUR and WGTOUR) with a total prize purse of more than $3.5 million.

    Born from Golfzon’s industry-leading virtual golf innovation, WAVE provides the best simulator experience in a launch monitor. Retailing for £3,999, golfers have access to three 18-hole courses, a practice range, and a mobile skill app, out of the box.

    For golfers, and golf clubs, the upcoming winter period can be quite challenging due to the unpredictability of the weather here in the UK. When you combine that with shorter daylight hours, it severely limits the opportunities to practice, play, and give lessons.

    Golfzon’s latest product, WAVE is the world’s first-ever dual device launch monitor system that can accurately detect every shot from tee to flag, down to even the most delicate putts. By using both Doppler radar technology and Infrared radar technology, WAVE offers the most immersive simulator experience on the market.

    In a class by itself, Wave is the only portable simulator/launch monitor that offers a putting mat featuring Precision Infrared Technology to give users a true putting experience, even on the most delicate putts. Up to six players can use Wave at once, or network multiple Waves wirelessly to play with family and friends anywhere, anytime.

    Golfzon WAVE invaluably offers up to 34 data points of ball, club and putting data:
    Ÿ Club Data: Club Speed, Attack Angle, Club Path, Dynamic Loft, Face Angle, Spin Loft, Face to Path, Smash Factor, Swing Plane & Swing Direction
    Ÿ Ball Data: Ball Speed, Smash Factor, Launch Angle, Launch Direction, Spin Rate, Spin Axis, Back Spin, Side Spin, Height (Apex), Carry, Total, Roll, Lateral Landing, Land Angle, Hang Time, Curve & Shot Type.
    Ÿ Putting Data: Club Speed, Ball Speed. Smash Factor, Launch Direction, Total, Backward Swing Speed, Putting Total,Time & Tempo.

    This detailed feedback can be used by coaches in lessons and by golfers who are keen to understand their own stats.

    By incorporating a system like Golfzon WAVE, coaches can offer year-round golfing opportunities, attracting members and guests during the off-season. The combination of real-time feedback, data analytics, and video replay via the WAVE Skills App can make lessons more interactive and insightful.

    Unlike other competitors on the market who rely on third party software to provide simulators, WAVE offers over 140 World-Famous Courses via the Vision WAVE software. These conditions and courses can be tailored to the golfer, and the 140 World-Famous Courses includes St. Andrews, Bethpage Black, and the 2023 Ryder Cup Venue, Marco Simone Golf & Country Club.

    Based in Seoul, South Korea, Golfzon has over 20 years’ experience developing the world’s most advanced golf simulators. Technology is at the heart of the company, as hundreds of patents have been issued for its award-winning simulators with many new ones filed annually by the research and development team. This industry-leading technology delivers the most realistic indoor golf experience on the market and has established the brand’s global leadership position.

    From the beginning, the company’s mission has been to make golf more fun and accessible to everyone. To date, Golfzon has a presence in 63 countries with 12,300 commercial sites around the world. In 2022 alone, 87 million rounds of golf were played on its simulators.

    Tried and Tested

    Golf simulators have made significant strides. From pixelated graphics and questionable ball tracking to £20,000 launch monitor setups capable of measuring every imaginable data point, simulator golf is a legitimate option, whether indoors or outdoors. The true breakthrough, however, lies in the quality of simulation offered by units priced under £4,000.

    My experience playing golf on the Golfzon Wave left me thoroughly impressed. During testing at Golf Swing Systems in Cranleigh, Surrey, I found myself hitting the ball like a dog-, and my on-screen results mirrored this. There was no sugarcoating; the results accurately reflected my poor shots!

    Golfzon, is the worldwide market leader in indoor simulation, dominating their home Korean market, the biggest indoor golf market in the world. They have brought many features from their top-tier permanent setups to the remarkably compact and highly portable Golfzon WAVE. The on-screen experience is outstanding, featuring impressive graphics and user-friendly instructions. The presentation has a slightly more gamified approach than other products in its price range, which will appeal to some but not all. The quality of the graphics and the instantaneous feedback on your shots are top-notch.

    Uniquely the Golfzon WAVE features a separate, infrared putting mat to help offer an accurate representation of the game within a game. The Golfzon WAVE can be employed indoors or outdoors, serving as both a simulator and a launch monitor. Despite lacking an indoor space for this powerful and incredibly cost-effective system, its versatility has me contemplating how to set one up in my garden! Whether for professional use or to sell to your customers, the Golfzon Wave presents an exceptional option at an attractive price point.

    Try The Golfzon WAVE
    Now that WAVE is available in Europe, Golfzon have made demo locations available for all golfers across the UK and Europe so the unit can be tested before a purchase is made.
    For further information, contact Second Chance on +44 (0) 1253 407 272 or email

    As an avid golfer since the age of eleven Dan lives and breathes all things golf.  With a current handicap of eleven he gets out and plays as often as his work life (and girlfriend) allows. Dan confesses to still being like a kid at Christmas when it comes to seeing the latest golf equipment. Having served as GolfPunk’s Deputy Editor, and resident golf geek for the past 13 years and working for golf's oldest brand, John Letters Dan brings to GOLF RETAILING an excellent understanding of the sector.