Performance shaft manufacturer Fujikura has had an impressive year in 2023 with multiple PGA Tour wins, Major victories and the launch of the innovative AXIOM iron shaft line combined with the continued outstanding performance of the VENTUS line.

    Charter Dealer Success
    It’s not just the professionals who trust in Fujikura. Authorised Charter Dealers around the globe fit customers with Fujikura shafts to help deliver more shafts ideally suited to their requirements.

    Offering a comprehensive range of shaft options to suit a broad range of players, a growing number of authorised Charter Dealers outside the U.S. look to Fujikura to deliver.
    With the recent introduction of products like the innovative AXIOM iron shaft line, Fujikura relies on many of their Charter Dealer locations to accurately fit golfers and provide them with comprehensive shaft options for all clubs.

    “Ultimately, our continued success is not only down to the commitment of our internal teams, but the additional support we receive from our valued Charter Dealer network,” said Chad Embrey, National Sales Manager at Fujikura. “It is truly the extensive efforts of our authorised Charter Dealers that allow our products to find their way into the hands of golfers all around the globe.”

    Combined with this extensive Charter Dealer network, it is Fujikura’s aim that all golfers can begin to understand how the innovative technology behind all Fujikura shafts can improve their own game.

    Fujikura’s Mission
    Fujikura’s has a simple mission – To produce the world’s best golf shafts. The company strives to deliver enjoyment to golfers by crafting the most desirable products and offering the highest levels of performance, service and support.
    Using proprietary technology through design and construction, Fujikura shafts set an industry benchmark and are the go-to choice for many of the world’s leading players, as well as countless amateur golfers.


    VENTUS quickly became Fujikura’s best-selling shaft line and was the most played driver and wood shaft for the past two seasons on the PGA Tour.

    Throughout the 2022/23 season, VENTUS shafts continued to be trusted by some of the world’s best players on the PGA Tour. As the most played driver and wood shaft for the entire season, Fujikura and VENTUS continued to add to their already impressive figures.
    In total, VENTUS driver shafts were used in 15 PGA Tour victories, with 29.0% of all driver shafts and 26.3% of all wood shafts played coming from Fujikura’s VENTUS line.

    The exceptionally engineered VENTUS is designed to significantly tighten shot dispersion and maximize centre face contact and ball speed even on off-centre shots.

    In 2022, Fujikura launched the new additions to the line-up, VENTUS TR. The extended VENTUS TR line now features three launch profiles (mid-high, mid, and low) that are designed specifically to stiffen torque in the section of the shaft where golfers need it most, leading to increased stability and consistency.

    The new AXIOM iron shaft line utilizes the same VeloCore Technology featured in both Fujikura’s popular VENTUS and VENTUS TR driver and wood shafts.

    VeloCore Technology is precisely configured to provide golfers extreme consistency, stability, and workability on all shots, giving them the confidence to play their best golf.
    Extensive player testing and enso® analytics validated that the integration of VeloCore Technology into an iron profile, yielding similar performance results that players have experienced with VENTUS.

    Another key feature of the new AXIOM line is an innovative 3-part parallel shaft length system that further drives performance throughout the set. Long (2iron-4iron), mid (5iron-7iron), and short (8iron-P) shaft parallel configurations help create constant set weight and eliminate the need for extensive shaft tipping.

    AXIOM is available in three shaft weights and various flexes to fit a wide range of players and is designed for golfers seeking to maximize their iron performance by hitting it closer to their target more consistently and efficiently.

    Extensive range of options

    Fujikura offers a comprehensive range of further shaft options.
    The Speeder line of shafts remains extremely popular and has been redesigned to feature a breakthrough Fujikura proprietary technology – Variable Torque Core. It refines twisting stiffness in specific regions along the core of the shaft.

    The Vista Pro line is designed to accommodate every golfer and swing type, Motore X delivers exceptional speed, Air Speeder is ultra-lightweight while Sakura helps golfers with slower swing speeds gain distance.

    Other than the innovative AXIOM line, Fujikura also offers high-performance iron, wedge and putter shafts.

    Tour Performance
    Fujikura has enjoyed a superb 2022/2023 season on the PGA Tour with #1 spots and multiple victories on the circuit. Following on from the previous successful season, Fujikura was once again the #1 Driver, Wood and Hybrid shaft on the PGA Tour.

    “We are delighted with the continued success of Fujikura on the PGA Tour,” said Pat McCoy, Director of Tour Operations. “These top players have the choice of any shaft on the market and to see so many trusting in Fujikura is definitive proof that the work we are doing in terms of research, development and in production is paying off. The shafts we are producing are consistently played by the best.”

    During the 2022/23 PGA Tour season, half of all tournaments played were won by a player using a Fujikura driver shaft. Out of 44 events, 22 winners chose Fujikura during this wraparound season. In total, over 36.5% of all driver shafts used on Tour were a
    Fujikura shaft.

    As it stands, three of the current top-5 players on the Official World Golf Ranking list use a Fujikura driver or wood shaft, including the top two ranked players who both use VENTUS driver and wood shafts.

    Over on the LPGA Tour, in one of their most successful seasons to date, Fujikura continued their global success with multiple tour wins and Major victories. During the season, Fujikura was the #1 driver shaft in all five Major championships, including a driver shaft win in three of those events.

    As it currently stands, the top-3 female players in the Rolex Rankings list all use Fujikura driver and wood shafts.

    As the DP World Tour 2022/23 season comes to a close, Fujikura reflects on another successful season. From the 40 events played so far, 20 DP World Tour winners have trusted in Fujikura, winning their event with a Fujikura driver and/or wood shaft in the bag.

    To offer your customers the very best options in premium aftermarket shafts, you must have Fujikura in your shop or fitting cart.
    UK & EUR Golf Shops: visit to inquire.

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