Lamkin Golf Grips: Performance that speaks volumes

    How Lamkin’s tour success is helping increase retail sales.

    In the world of professional golf, a player’s success can hinge on a multitude of factors. From practice, hardware, dedication, every single detail counts, however one critical yet underestimated factor is often overlooked, the grip – the only connection point between a player and their club. In recent years Lamkin have launched a spectacular range of grips to cater for specific feels and conditions that golfers long for in their game.

    With the emergence of these new grip models a big focus for Lamkin has been to grow their presence on tour, an area that for so long has seen very little variation and change. Lamkin’s Tour Representative across Europe, Paul Steels a long-time supplier to the tour began working with Lamkin in 2020 and has been a driving force behind increasing Lamkin’s Tour presence, Paul stated:

    “Lamkin has been a big name for players for many years, previously it has been mostly the Crossline models seen on tour but when showing players their newer options they have been really well received, the latest launch of the UTX grips are already seeing play along with a huge number of putter grips like the Deep Etched, one of the most popular models among the trucks.”

    One of the first questions Lamkin wanted to address was what do tour level golfers actually want from a grip?

    A single answer to that question would simply be choice. Everyone has different feels, whether it be soft/firm, or textured/tacky. Players often grow up playing the same grip for years which moulds their feel for the game so quite often anything else in hand can feel a little alien!

    Something that sets Lamkin apart is its dedication to customisation and choice, with over 60 current variations of grips (not including tour only models) players can really fine tune their feels in hand to match their game and personal style. This level of detail might seem minor to the casual observer, but to a professional golfer, it can make all the difference on the course.

    A long-time believer in Lamkin Grips is Justin Rose, now Lamkin’s brand ambassador, Justin has helped provide a long and successful careers worth of insight into the small detail’s players look for. Rose has even worked alongside Lamkin in the development of certain grips like the new ST Hybrid, a multiple compound grip which provides a firm grip in the upper hand and a softer, more tacky feel in the lower. When asked around his partnership with Lamkin, Rose said.

    “I’ve used Lamkin grips for as long as I can remember and they’ve been a part of every success in my professional career. The company is steeped in tradition but still stays at the forefront of grip technology.”

    Away from the Tour the wide selection Lamkin provides is also a bonus to the consumer market, specifically around softer grips which seem to be more favourable amongst casual golfers. A great example of this would be the Sonar family of grips, which has been Lamkin’s second most popular grip to Crossline for a number of years now and offers a completely unique feel using Genesis Material, a compound engineered by Lamkin to perform in all conditions and Fingerprint Technology, a patented grip pattern designed for better traction.

    At a retail level the overall feedback has also been that more choice is better, by providing players with options to test new feels and sizes away from what they have been used to has proven to lead to more sales. Like anywhere else in the game golfers want to be sure they have the best equipment available for them, grips should be viewed in the same way. GR


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