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FootJoy updates D.N.A. range

FootJoy is introducing a new performance shoe – the D.N.A. Helix. This is the latest addition to the D.N.A. family and presents a combination of stability, flexibility and comfort.

The new athletic performance shoe follows its popular predecessor and, as a result of Tour Professional feedback, D.N.A. Helix now delivers more stability with improved flexibility, delivering more structured performance in an athletic shoe model.

A re-engineered NitroThin 3.0 TPU outsole including a widened heel platform increases the overall surface area, allowing a wider cleat spread for maximum traction throughout the swing. The new technologies featured in D.N.A. Helix mean the shoe is 38 per cent more structured than D.N.A. 2.0.

“At FootJoy, we strive to deliver the very best F&B package in every shoe,” said Russell Lawes, FootJoy Marketing Manager. “With D.N.A. Helix, we have pushed boundaries and merged technologies to deliver an all-round athletic shoe that ultimately provides the expected level of comfort and flexibility D.N.A. provides, but with additional structure.”

To ensure the structured D.N.A. Helix still delivers on comfort and flexibility, new materials and technologies have been utilised, which also allow for a reduction in overall weight.