Hannah Holden leads the way as National Club Golfer’s first female Head of Content

Leading equipment expert and YouTube star Hannah Holden has been promoted to the new senior role with the leading online golf publisher.


National Club Golfer (NCG), a leading cross-platform golf media brand, has appointed Hannah Holden as its new Head of Content.

The YouTube sensation becomes the first woman to be promoted to such a position in the brand’s 20-year history, ushering in a new era for NCG as it plans to accelerate digital growth.

Holden, who has been with NCG for five years, is one of the game’s most talented and knowledgeable content creators. She is also an exceptional golfer, playing off a handicap of +2 and regularly competing in elite amateur events.

She will be responsible for creating and delivering a content strategy across NCG’s digital channels, social media, YouTube channel and print magazine that reaches club golfers across the UK.

Holden will also join the board at Sports Publications, the parent company of NCG, working closely with longstanding owner/managers Tom Irwin and Dan Murphy.

“I’m so excited to take on this new role and delighted that Tom and Dan share my vision of where we can take NCG in the years ahead,” Hannah Holden said.

“My generation have grown up in a world of digital media and it’s really clear that we have some fantastic opportunities to drive the brand forward and connect with even more core golfers.”

Tom Irwin, Owner and Director at NCG, said: “Golf has long since been a male dominated sport. Participation remains around 80% male, but female golfers are rising in number. It is one of golf’s enduring appeals that men and women can play together on an equal footing. Hannah’s appointment hopefully supports the view that we are all just golfers, regardless of gender.

“Hannah’s appointment marks a significant milestone as she assumes the role of the first female Head of Content at NCG in two decades. Her wealth of experience, talent and ambition are invaluable assets.

“She has been instrumental in driving our digital content strategy and shaping the evolution of our online media platform and we look forward to seeing where she will take it next.”

Sports Publications have also expanded their content and marketing teams, with videographer Chris Vodden and social media expert Holly Rowntree joining Marketing Manager Matthew Beedle to support the company’s work, and Paul Miller moving internally to lead on review content.