Wycombe Heights GC and BGL drive sustainability with 7-step commitment

Wycombe Heights Golf Centre, owned and operated by BGL (Burhill Group Limited), has unveiled a series of sustainability commitments as part of a continued journey towards achieving a net zero status.

The club has committed to seven fundamental aspects that will be implemented throughout and around the facility. These are: planning, policies and procurement, staff and golfer engagement, taking climate action, conserving resources, fostering nature, strengthening communities, and tracking and reporting.

Some of the key initiatives that are underway have already begun to have a positive impact. A switch to an electric greens mower has allowed the club to substitute diesel for zero carbon electricity as the energy source, irradicate the use of hydraulic fluid which is harmful to local habitats, and reduce noise which is positive for both neighbours and operations. Eventually, the club plans to run an entirely electric fleet.

Furthermore, the transition to an off-site renewable energy supply has helped reduce club emissions by over 51 tCO2e per year, a reduction equivalent to flying 15 times from London to Hong Kong, and 150,000 kms by car.

The most recent initiative has been the construction of a 12,000-metre cubed reservoir to enable the club to irrigate the course using a sustainable water source. Thanks to the investment, 100% of the water used on-site is derived from sustainable sources. This has also allowed the club to avoid supply and demand issues in drier periods.

Commenting on the club’s sustainability journey, Operations Director for BGL Golf, Guy Riggott, said: “Our success with sustainability initiatives so far is something we are very proud of, and we are excited to continue to follow our seven step commitment as we take that to the next level. Through these efforts, our goal is to benefit the environment as well as our employees, members, and visitors.”

Riggott, added: “The work and commitment from Wycombe Heights towards improving sustainable practices is incredible. Across the group, we’re passionate about finding new ways to reduce energy, water consumption, and overall carbon footprint. We are excited to see the continuation of this programme with new initiatives that align with our seven step commitment to sustainability.”

Wycombe Heights Golf Centre is located in High Wycombe, in the heart of Buckinghamshire. The property boasts two 18-hole courses, including a main and short course. In addition, Wycombe Heights has an impressive driving range, fitted with state-of-the-art TrackMan technology.

BGL’s seven step commitment to sustainability is group-wide, across the portfolio of 10 BGL Golf venues around the UK. BGL is a pioneer in the UK golf industry, currently operating 22 golf courses at 10 venues around the country. The company has been a flag-bearer for sustainability, becoming the first and only major multi course operator to have all its venues GEO certified, in 2016.