Under Armour proves Drive Pro Series performance

Under Armour has validated the performance of the recently released Drive Pro Series footwear with live data testing at the recent PGA Show Demo Day.

Allowing media and PGA Professionals to experience the performance of the products, backed by data metrics from the Full Swing KIT launch monitor, UA saw over 50 testers go through its data validation testing protocol throughout the day.

On the day those that tested the products showed consistent performance gains across ball speed, club head speed and carry distances when going into the new Drive Pro and Drive Pro SL models of footwear when compared to their current shoe.

With testers hitting a variety of clubs to gather different data sets through the bag, on average, media and professionals saw increases in Total Carry of 11 yards, 2.5 MPH increase in Club Head Speed and a jump of 4MPH in Ball Speed.

Looking at those testing with Driver, the increase in Total Carry rose to 13.1 yards on average while the Club Head Speed data showed a rise of 2.9MPH.

James Tait, who came 3rd in the World Long Drive Championship, came onto the stand to trial the shoes versus the shoe he used throughout competing in 2023 and saw his data change drastically. Switching into the Drive Pro SL, he saw an average  increase in total Carry of 31 yards from his current shoe, 10.7mph gain in ball speed and 7.4mph increase in Club Head Speed.

Looking at his best result from each set, the numbers are even more impressive, with his longest carry distance reaching 383 yards in Drive Pro SL versus 336 yards in his current shoe, while maxing out at 199.5mph ball speed versus 206.2mph in Drive Pro SL.

After the session, Tait said: “Under Armour has built the perfect shoe for me to play in for a round on the course in the Drive Pro, as well as the ultimate shoe for me to compete in World Long Drive with the Drive Pro SL where I need to be able to clear my left side more to enable me to really get it out there. I’ve never seen a brand position footwear as equipment like this and I’m blown away by the metrics, I can’t wait to compete using these in 2024.”

The Editor of Golf Monthly, Neil Tappin, who experienced a gain in Carry of 14 yards on average when using a 7-Iron with an increase of 10MPH Ball Speed, after switching into the Drive Pro, said: “I tend to play most of my golf in spikeless shoes for the versatility they offer. Running through this process highlighted the importance of getting the balance right between traction and mobility. Ultimately, if I can improve my ball striking, my handicap will come down!”

The Drive Pro Series is engineered to provide the traction diagonal and lateral support golfers need to unlock the power of their natural swing, adding both distance and control for the wearer.

What makes the Drive Pro Series unique from other golf shoes is it includes Under Armour’s innovative Swing Support System  TM . Developed with world-renowned biomechanist JJ Rivet, this revolutionary 3-layer structure supports the natural movement of the golf swing, delivering comfort and traction all in one. The Swing Support Strap features reinforcement in the upper to provide optimized 360-degree lock-in from lateral ball to medial instep. The midsole features Under Armour’s HOVR  TM  foam and more supportive Charged Cushioning  TM  that supports and guides the natural motion of the foot while exercising the golf swing.

Jake Haley, Head of Golf Footwear at Under Armour, said: “We knew when we first began testing the Drive Pro Series behind closed doors that we had a product that truly outperformed others in the market thanks to the S3 Swing Support System. Live testing to the entire industry on Demo Day was something that while risky, we knew was the best way to reinforce the idea that golfers should view their footwear as a key piece of equipment for their game. The data we’ve been able to gather validates this entirely in a period where hardware tech isn’t advancing as much due to regulatory restrictions and the ball being rolled back.

“We believe footwear is a completely untapped area for serious golfers looking to seek out every advantage on the course and would encourage everyone to look at the data increases they can achieve by trying the new Drive Pro Series.”

The Drive Pro (SRP $170, £150) and Drive Pro SL (SRP $150, £130) are available now globally on UA.com and at regional Golf retailers.

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