Techiest Training Award win for SwingSmart

SwingSmart, has been awarded another accolade, just ahead of the UK launch of its versions 2 golf swing analysis system.

Golf Magazine, which sells a staggering 1.4m copies per month in the USA, has awarded SwingSmart the title of ‘Techiest Training Aid’ in its recent Techy Awards, in the November 2013 edition. This follows on from last year’s title of ‘Best App for Instant Feedback’ by the same title in its Hot Apps supplement.

SwingSmart was also recently voted number one in a head-to-head test of similar products by the respected US golf website, for the second successive year.

In awarding the new, Android-compatible SwingSmart v2.0 the accolade of overall winner, said: “SwingSmart is the most refined device in this category. Where others have added new features, SwingSmart has opted for perfecting the motion capture that powers the whole thing.”

SwingSmart was launched in America last year. as what the company claims was “a first-of-its-kind solution”. The unit wirelessly communicates with a free app for iOS and Android devices and has a RRP of £199.

SwingSmart is distributed in Europe exclusively by Barrelfield Golf Europe. Call 020 8390 8980 or email to learn more.