PING expands Scottsdale TR putter line

PING has introduced three new Scottsdale TR(True Roll) putters: the Anser T, the Craz-Eand the counter-balanced Senita B. They are available for ordering in golf shops now. PING unveiled the initial 12 Scottsdale TR models this past spring, and they are widely in play on pro tours worldwide.

“True Roll technology has proved to be very popular because variable-depth grooves offer consistent ball speeds and unmatched distance control,” said John A. Solheim, PING Chairman & CEO. “Golfers are making a higher percentage of their putts, even from longer range. That comes from the accuracy this technology provides, along with the added confidence, which is essential on the greens.” The option of an adjustable-length shaft in traditional-length Scottsdale TR models has also been well-received. “Our studies show that golfers putt more consistently when they can self-adjust for length to optimise the fit and feel for their individual style.”

The new blade-style Anser T utilises PING’s influential Anser head while adding an arched, bridge-style alignment line that extends from the front edge of the top rail to the back edge. The 360-gram Anser T fits Slight Arc putting strokes.

One of PING’s most successful designs, the mallet-style Craz-E, celebrates its 10th anniversary in the form of the 365-gram Scottsdale TR Craz-E. It has the same easy alignment and confidence-inspiring shape as the original Craz-E head that debuted in 2004, and it can be ordered to fit any stroke type.

The Senita B provides the feel and performance of a belly putter without anchoring. Its 38-inch standard shaft has a 50-gram weight inside the grip end of the shaft to counter-balance the 400-gram head. The weight in the shaft creates a high balance point, which encourages a pendulum-like stroke and helps to release the putter head. Designed into the 17-inch grip are reference lines for the player to position his or her hands to optimise the benefits of counter-balancing. An adjustable-length shaft is optional, and the Senita B can be ordered with one of three shaft bends to fit any stroke type: Straight, Slight Arc, or Strong Arc.

Scottsdale TR (True Roll) Adjustable-Length Putters
  • Variable-depth-groove insert increases ball-speed consistency nearly 50%
  • Insert milled      from lightweight 6061 T6 aerospace-grade aluminium for a solid feel and      sound
  • Adjustable-length,      USGA/R&A-conforming shaft adjusts 31” to 38” in standard models      (optional); belly models 37.5” to 46.5”;      long models 44.5” to 55.5”
  • Colour-coded      shaft labels identify each putter as fitting a Straight, Slight Arc or      Strong Arc putting stroke (some models fit all three)
  • Black PVD      finish; white alignment lines
Anser T (360g)

– Slight Arc stroke type; Lie adjustability +/- 4 degrees

– RRP Adjustable £149, Non Adjustable £129


Craz-E (365g)

– Straight, Slight Arc, Strong Arc stroke types

– Lie adjustability +/- 2 degrees

– RRP Adjustable £169, Non Adjustable £149

Senita B Counter Balanced (400g)

– Straight, Slight Arc, Strong Arc stroke types

– Lie adjustability +/- 2 degrees

– RRP Adjustable £195, Non Adjustable £175