Club whizz – helping tackle the dirty side of winter golf

A nifty new product, Club Whizz,  has been launched and is available through GolfTech, one of Europes largest independent golf distributors.

The device attaches to the wheel of virtually any golf trolley and rotates as you walk the course cleaning dirt and debris as it goes. Simply hold a club against the specially designed brush and the Club Whizz cleans the grooves and removes dirt, safely depositing it in front of the wheel, away from the golfer.

In addition, the Club Whizz easily clips off its wheel mounting so golfers can clean their clubs, shoes, wheels and trolley before packing their gear away.

The Club Whizz will attach to any golf trolley with a separate tyre and rim, even ones with a completely flat profile. 3 clips with adjustable straps hold the docking base in the centre of the wheel ready for the Club Whizz to be clipped on and off. And even in the very rare cases that a wheel is one piece, there is an alternative fitting available.

Keeping mud and dirt well away from hands, clothes and bag and brushing dirt from a clubs grooves in a way a towel would struggle to achieve, the Club Whizz offers a range of solutions to the UK’s muddiest months. With an occasional rinse to clean the bristles it’ll even save a golfers washing machine from muddy golf towels.

With winter golf about to get underway the Club Whizz is a great addition to any golfers kit. And with Christmas just round the corner, at just £29.99, the Club Whizz would be one of those rarest of things, a useful and welcomed golfing Christmas present..!

SRP: £29.99