Reintroducing SeeMore Putters

    At the recent PGA Show, Dan Owen caught up with Jim Grundberg, CEO at SeeMore to find out more about the premium Putters and their new distribution
    deal in the UK with Over The Top Golf.

    We bought SeeMore in September 2006. We loved the brand because it didn’t look like anything else out there. Myself and Co-Owner Jason Pouliot were instrumental in growing the Odyssey and Never Compromise brands, and we understood that you needed a distinct technology that works. Rifle Scope Technology, or RST, just didn’t look like anything else out there. With its simple concept of hiding the red dot to improve alignment and the black lower third of the shaft that stood out on TV, it looked like nothing else that’s out there. And while we remembered Payne Stewart’s impeccable putting performance to win the 1999 US Open, the brand had been practically mothballed when we took it on.

    But two up-and-comers were using the putter on tour still. Vaughn Taylor and Zach Johnson. A year after we bought the company, Johnson went on to win The Masters. His putting coach, Pat O’Brien, became a consultant for the brand, who ironically used the RST putting system, having based his putting coaching around Payne Stewart’s technique.

    He explained the brilliance of the RST design. “This changes people’s games; it allows you to incorporate all these great putting fundamentals into your game. It might require a little guidance at first, but once you have the fundamentals, it allows the golfer to self-correct.”

    Pat introduced me to Zach, and he had one demand for us. He explained to us how it had changed his game. But more importantly, he asked to make sure we took some putters and kept them in a safe for him and Vaughn, so they would always have access to them!

    When we relaunched the brand, we went with a good, better, best approach that we still follow to this day. All the putters offer Rifle Scope Technology. But we have them at different price points. We offer a cast line of stainless steel putters, which are still premium putters, that feature a precision-milled face with an aluminium face insert.

    To celebrate 25 years of the brand, our Classic Series putters will be released in bronze gold, as a tribute to the original brass SeeMore putter heads. They look unbelievably good and really stand out.

    We offer the Mini Giant line as well. These take inspiration from the original FGP design but are bigger, with extreme heel and toe weighting to produce our most forgiving putters. Some line extensions this season will help make our putters appeal to a wider audience.
    Then we have a 100% Milled in the USA line of putters. These are produced in the most exacting ways possible and feature 303 stainless steel heads, while the private reserve putters feature the most intricate face milling I’ve seen.

    We’ve teamed up with a new distributor in the UK, Over The Top Golf. We don’t want to be everywhere, but we want to partner with strong retailers who focus on custom fitting and putting fundamentals. Custom fitting is key to our product, and we have a very cool new fitting kit to introduce this year. A golf pro can take eight of our putters; we’ll have eight different shaft and grip combinations, and the system is modular, and they can all be connected to provide 64 different options. No one can stock 64 options, but everyone can have eight putters in stock.

    If you are interested in stocking SeeMore putters contact OTT Golf
    Tel: +44 (0) 1243 213 601


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