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New Mizuno wedge can be personalised

The new Mizuno MP-T5 satin wedge combines grain flow forged feel and precise loft options into a soft edged, aggressive, teardrop wedge. Mizuno’s R&D department created a sole grind on the MP-T4 comparative to the loft and a profile with a more aggressive grind to bite the ball off the turf for lower lofts and less punishing turf interaction. The alternative is the higher lofts with a bigger camber and softer leading edge to float shots and recover from deep rough and bunkers.

A full length slot on the back of the head allows mass to be moved into the sole and upper portion of the blade, creating a clubhead that pinches the ball easily off the turf and prevents a ballooning flight. The MP-T5 wedge uses different groove profiles on different lofts. Using Mizuno’s Quad Cut Groove concept, the higher lofted wedges feature a wider, shallower groove to assist traction on shorter or partial strikes. The lower lofted wedges use a narrower, deeper profile better suited to full shots where the ball has more chance to fully compress. The high traction CNC milled face adds even more traction.

The Mizuno MP-T5 can be personalised with stamping of up to six capital letters or numerals.