Zen Swing Stage brings movement to driving ranges, enhances indoor golf technology

The era of the super-immersive golf simulator moves closer today, with the launch of the adjustable Zen Swing Stage hitting surface for golf.

Bringing accurate real-world slopes to golf both indoors and at the driving range, the new Zen Swing Stage moving floor is now available for shipping worldwide to enhance golf practice, lessons and existing golf technology.

Extensively tested by PGA Tour and Ryder Cup players, the Zen Swing Stage puts a realistic golf course at your feet enabling golfers and coaches to create thousands of gradients safely on a stable 6ft x 8ft hitting surface which also takes a long tee peg.

By moving the Zen Swing Stage underfoot and changing the shot conditions you can gain new data from your launch monitor, and increase enjoyment in your golf simulator, in a way never before seen in the sport.

Silent in use and remotely controlled by a multi-purpose touchscreen app, the Bluetooth-enabled Swing Stage’s robustness enables Stand-on-Stage control, which means that golfers can feel the gradients change under their feet as they prepare to hit their next shot.

With all four corners adjustable in 0.1% increments, Swing Stage takes just seconds to create virtually limitless shot-making variations by replicating the six most common lies on a golf course: Flat, Ball Above Feet, Ball Below Feet, Uphill Lie, Downhill Lie and Combined Gradient where a mixture of slopes are in play.

Creating gradients on the Zen Swing Stage – which can either be recessed into the floor or installed on the floor – transports you from the practice bay to the golf course by reproducing any fairway slope with breathtaking realism.

Darren May, golf coach at Grove XXIII in Florida, said: “You can absolutely change someone’s Swing Path, Angle Of Attack, Swing Direction and Swing Plane just by moving the ground with Zen Swing Stage.

“And the great thing about it is that you can be very specific regarding the degree to which you are moving that slope, and the player can feel that while it’s changing.”

The Swing Stage’s adjustable slopes are also set to help owners of instrumented driving ranges to develop exciting new games and skills challenges.

“Imagine being at a driving range where you can recreate the slopes found on a golf course instantly, with a single touch of the screen” said Zen founder Nick Middleton.

“Or you could be the coach who gives the most immersive golf lessons yet, with instruction that is easier than ever before to transfer to the golf course, all while remaining indoors.

“The new Swing Stage makes accelerated skill acquisition possible. Its ability to move, and to create new learning experiences, is a magnet for everyone who ever has – or ever will – hit a ball, at all skill levels. We are very excited about the possibilities which this brings to range golf, screen golf, and golf instruction.

“We all want to grow the game; it is vital that newcomers to golf acquire proficiency and master the key fundamentals as fast as possible, so that they can enjoy the sport for life. The Zen Swing Stage makes that ‘first touch’ experience more memorable than it has ever been before.”

For home users, the Zen Swing Stage active floor makes golf simulators more realistic.

“Swing Stage instantly improves the golf sim experience” said Zen Managing Director, Andy Hiseman. “Zen moving floor technology is a fundamental evolution for the sport which creates a new level of reality, and a true-feeling round of golf which will bring new people into all levels of the sport worldwide.”

With safety in mind Zen’s Swing Stage and Green Stage are golf’s only moving floors which are certificated by the UKCA mark, similar to the UL (North America) and CE (Europe) marks.

The larger Zen Green Stage, available in 12ft, 16ft and 20ft sizes, is already revolutionizing worldwide putting practice with its ability to recreate every makeable putt on the planet – including double-breaks and compound breaks. Its Zen Master organic putting surface, exclusively available to Zen owners, offers a Tour-quality 11.5 stimp green speed and roll.

For the ultimate screen golf experience, the Zen Green Stage enables golfers to hit full shots off gradients and enjoy a world-class putting surface with almost infinitely-adjustable breaks, while standing in the same space.

Zen, which is a PGA Partner in GB & Ireland, is currently the only technology in the world of golf to offer this all-in-one feature.

Zen Green Stage and Zen Swing Stage are now being used by Tour players and their coaches, PGA instructors, golf facilities, Universities, custom-fitters and golf retailers, indoor golf studio designers and private golfers in 19 countries worldwide to enhance the sport’s best-known indoor golf technology.

“Our technical team are already working on integration programmes to make both Swing Stage and Green Stage even more compatible with the most popular indoor golf and driving range technology out there” said Hiseman.

Zen Swing Stage retails at $19,450 USD (In-Floor) or $21,175 USD (On-Floor) plus shipping and installation.

Enquire further at www.zen.golf or call the Zen USA office in Clearwater, Florida on 727-855-2034.

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