The return of Adams Tight Lies

Tight Lies fairway woods were first brought to market by Adams Golf 20 years ago, and the American brand has brought them back to life, but the new generation comes complete with Velocity Slot Technology.

Velocity Slot Technology incorporates ‘Cut-Thru’ slots in the crown and sole of the clubhead, just behind the clubface, to enhance clubface deflection at impact, thereby increasing ball speed. Adams claims the 2013 Tight Lies are literally “twice as hot” as the original, with increased forgiveness across the clubface too. The low-profile clubs also have a low centre of gravity to boost shot trajectory, while a ‘Tri-Sole’ design should reduce turf interaction from a variety of lies.

“The most important thing for me is to know how far the ball is going to go,” says Adams ambassador Tom Watson, “and with the new technology, here with Tight Lies, we can hit it where we want it to go and that’s what you want in a golf club. Man, that’s all I want.”

The Tight Lies fairways began reaching shops from September 1, priced at £149.99, and in lofts of 14° (right-hand only), 16° and 19°.