Scottie Scheffler Wins for Fourth Time in Five Starts at the RBC Heritage with Qi10 Driver and Spider Tour X

Scottie Scheffler

Scottie Scheffler dominated the field at the RBC Heritage to win in back-to-back weeks and four times in five starts with Qi10 driver, Qi10 fairway, P·7TW irons and Spider Tour X putter.

After opening the tournament with a 2-under 69, Scheffler caught fire and put together three dominant rounds of golf closing out the tournament with scores of 65-63-68.

On the 15th hole, Scheffler hadn’t made a bogey in 65 holes and when he put his approach shot into the water it looked like the streak would end. That was until he fired a pitching wedge to the back of the green and zipped it towards the hole before draining an 11-foot putt for par letting out an emotional fist pump as play was halted due to darkness with a 5-shot lead.

In the restart, Scheffler finished off the victory to win by three strokes at 19-under.


  • Scheffler is the first player since Tiger Woods in 2007-08 to win four times in a five start stretch on the PGA TOUR.
  • He is the first player since 1985 to win The Masters and the RBC Heritage in consecutive weeks.
  • Scheffler has led or co-led following a PGA TOUR round 32 times in the last three seasons, which is 16 more than any other player in that stretch.
  • In 2024, Scheffler has six rounds with at least eight birdies/eagles, but zero rounds over par.
  • Over the last 3 PGA Tour seasons he has the most bogey-free rounds, most rounds with 7+ birdies-or-better and most rounds hitting 15+ greens in regulation.
  • Before his bogey on the 18th hole, Scheffler went 68 straight holes without a bogey and at one point in the tournament went 53 consecutive holes with a 4 or better.


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Scottie Scheffler WITB RBC Heritage
  • Qi10 8.0° driver (Ventus Black 7X)
  • Qi10 15.0° 3-wood (Ventus Black 8X)
  • P·7TW 5-PW (Dynamic Gold X100)
  • Spider Tour X (L-Neck)


“Scottie has played this spec or something close to it with the Ventus Black 7X since 2022. The loft is 8.0° at 59.5° lie on the standard upright setting on a 1.5° degree sleeve to produce the face angle that he desires.” – Adrian Rietveld, Senior Tour Manager

“I remember hitting it in Phoenix this year and the first couple times with this specific head it was hanging a little bit left. I asked Adrian if we could just go back to the neutral upright setting because now I could see the loft and what I needed to see and we moved it back to the neutral setting and it clicked instantly. I was able to hit all the shots I wanted to hit.” – Scottie Scheffler

Scottie’s feedback when testing all of the Qi10 heads was that he felt the Qi10 standard head was more predictable and more forgiving for him. When you look at the way the head is set up, he’s correct in that regard just because of where he has weight in the head which produces higher inertia and more forgiveness.
Adrian Rietveld


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Scottie Scheffler Qi10 8.0° driver
  • Head: Qi10 8.0° driver
  • Measured Loft: 8.25°
  • Loft Sleeve: Upright (1.5° Sleeve)
  • Shaft: Ventus Black 7X
  • Length: 45’’
  • Grip: Golf Pride Tour Velvet 58 Rib
  • Tapes: 6
  • Swingweight: D4


s s p s t x rbc h

Scottie switched to his Spider Tour X with True Path Alignment and a full sight line before the Arnold Palmer Invitational, his first win of 2024. Since then, the putter has produced four wins in total including a green jacket. At Harbour Town this week, Scottie shared how he benefits from True Path:

Not having to use a line on the ball has been really nice to be able to get more visual on the greens and be more feel oriented. The Spider is a putter that I’m able to line up in the middle of the face very well. With blade putters in the past, I had a tendency to line up on the toe but with the Spider I’m lining up much more in the middle. All the alignment tools on top of the Spider have been really good at helping me make sure I’m properly lined up.
Scottie Scheffler
  • Hosel: L-Neck
  • Length: 35.5’’
  • Sight Line: True Path with Full Line
  • Loft: 
  • Lie: 72°
  • Insert: Surlyn Pure Roll
  • Grip: Golf Pride Pistol
s s s t x t p w
Scottie Scheffler Spider Tour X True Path


s s s p 7tw i rbc h

As the story goes, Scottie Scheffler was playing P·730 irons during the final round of the 2020 Masters when he was paired with Tiger Woods. Scottie watched Tiger hit his irons around Augusta National and left wanting to test the irons designed by Woods.

A testing session at home in Dallas proved next level playability without sacrificing distance and Scheffler put the P·7TW’s in the bag. Since the switch, he has won 10 PGA TOUR events and two green jackets.

P·7TW 5-iron

  • Loft: 26.0°
  • Lie: 62.0°
  • Length: 38 1/8 CUT
  • Shaft: Dynamic Gold X100

P·7TW 6-iron

  • Loft: 30.0°
  • Lie: 62.5°
  • Length: 37 5/8 CUT
  • Shaft: Dynamic Gold X100

P·7TW 7-iron

s s p7tw 7 i rbc
  • Loft: 34.0°
  • Lie: 63°
  • Length: 37 1/8 CUT
  • Shaft: Dynamic Gold X100

P·7TW 8-iron

  • Loft: 38.0°
  • Lie: 63.5°
  • Length: 36 5/8 CUT
  • Shaft: Dynamic Gold X100

P·7TW 9-iron

  • Loft: 42.0°
  • Lie: 64°
  • Length: 36 1/8 CUT
  • Shaft: Dynamic Gold X100


  • Loft: 46.0°
  • Lie: 64.5°
  • Length: 35 7/8 CUT
  • Shaft: Dynamic Gold X100


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Scottie Scheffler Qi10 15.0° 3-wood
  • Head: Qi10 15.0°
  • Measured Loft: 14.75°
  • Lie: 58.25°
  • Shaft: Ventus Black 8X
  • Length: 42 5/16 CUT
  • Tipping: 1.5’’
  • Swingweight: D3Scottie Scheffler