Pride taken at US Open

Golf Pride was the leading grip brand chosen by players at the 2014 US Open, played at Pinehurst No 2 just a few miles from Golf Pride’s world headquarters. In fact, 129 of the 156 (83 percent) players competing in the major tournament used Golf Pride grips.

Of those playing Golf Pride, 21 players relied on Golf Pride’s popular New Decade MultiCompound grips exceeding any other competing brand’s total usage. In addition 89 players relied on one of the popular Tour Velvet models (Tour Velvet, Tour Velvet Cord or Tour Velvet Super Tack), making the Tour Velvet greater than three times more popular than all other competitors’ grips combined.

Brandon Sowell, global sales and marketing director for Golf Pride stated, “The U.S. Open is widely acknowledged as the game’s most complete test of one’s game, so the fact that the best players in the world chose to play our grips without being paid to do so is the ultimate performance validation. When the pressure is on and every shot counts, you need the feel of confidence in your hands, which is why the best players in the world continue to trust their games to Golf Pride.”