Precision Golf, the UK’s number one independent club fitting facility, has expanded its Surrey HQ to become the largest independent golf performance studio in Europe. The new expansion takes the number of Trackman-powered fitting bays up to six, along with one of the most advanced putter fitting studios in Europe, a cutting edge custom build workshop, a fully equipped gym, a biomechanics and chiropractic studio, and home to a European Tour level swing coach.

Precision Golf was established in 2004 by James Davey & Simon Cooper with the aim of helping golfers gain better enjoyment of the game and playing better golf. The newly completed facility is over 10 times the size of their original location.

“We realised last year that, coming out of lockdown and with demand for our services growing relentlessly, we simply had to find a way to again increase capacity,” explained James. “When we learned that the adjoining business unit would become available towards the end of 2021, we knew the perfect solution had materialised, and we pounced. With the additional space, everything is bigger and better. We now have six full time club-fitters, more on-site club-building and an expanded operations and after-sales team. On top of this, our golf performance team of Stuart Cartwright (Tour-level coaching), Kate Davey (TPi fitness) and Stuart Robinson (Chiropractic & Biomechanics), Nick Hastings (Sports Psychology) and Matt Collings (Breathing Coach) can all now operate from expanded and superbly-appointed facilities. We can now realise our dream of offering the most holistic and comprehensive golf performance centre.”

The truly independent club fitters offer product from every major hardware manufacturer as well as difficult-to-find boutique brands, alongside the most comprehensive selection of shafts and grips in Europe. With many thousands of possible head and shaft combinations, the expert team at Precision Golf have the know-how to improve every golfers’ game.

Officially opened by European Tour legend Colin Montgomerie, the former Ryder Cup captain has entrusted Precision Golf with his equipment needs since 2007. “Trusting your game is made easy when you know you have the right equipment in your hands. Precision Golf provides bespoke solutions ensuring that, whatever your ability, clubs can be built or adjusted to complement your game allowing improvement without the handicap of ill-fitting equipment.” Casting his eyes around the cavernous new interior at the recent launch party, Colin summed up Precision Golf’s standing in the industry: “This fantastic facility is the best of its kind anywhere in the country, and by a country mile”.

On the ground floor are six fitting bays housing the acclaimed TrackMan 4 launch monitor, a custom-designed workshop equipped with the latest cutting-edge, club building technology designed and engineered by Cool Clubs, Scottsdale, AZ. In addition, Precision Golf offers the latest mechanical and digital machines for surveying both static and dynamic assessment of golf clubs and components, which includes the revolutionary shaft ‘PUREing’ technology patented by SST PURE for whom Precision Golf is one of the very few European licensees. The ground floor is also home to the new fully equipped and air-conditioned gym.

The first floor houses the new 1,000sq ft putting studio featuring a custom-designed putting strip and mechanical green, with analytics powered by SAM PuttLab and Quintic motion capture technology feeding off a 720fps camera system and TrackMan. Dedicated putter fittings with the same head/shaft interchangeability as the full swing clubs allow Precision Golf to offer the most versatile and comprehensive putter fitting experience around. Two more 5 metre wide bays are home to the latest TrackMan Simulator for 4D Motion Swing Instruction with BodiTrak, customer equipment collections and recreational Trackman simulator use. Finally, a musculoskeletal clinic offers biomechanical assessments and rehabilitation programs.

The Surrey based studio is located within easy reach of the M3 and A3 intersections of the M25.

Contact Details: For further information, please contact James Davey, Director and Co-Owner of Precision Golf, on +44 (0)1932 977777 or at