Ping launches clubfitting aid

Ping has launched nFlight Motion for clubfitters in Europe as an easy-to-use, highly-accurate fitting tool which can deliver Ping driver-fitting specifications for golfers after only three shots. Using proprietary Ping software in conjunction with a SkyPro Golf Swing Analyzer, nFlight Motion graphically depicts fitting recommendations on an iPhone or iPod touch.

The SkyPro device attaches to the shaft directly below the grip and records a range of swing variables, including clubhead speed, transition, and shaft lean at impact, which are analysed through the nFlight Motion software to make loft, shaft flex and shaft model recommendations. After an initial recommendation for loft and shaft, fitters can use Ping’s Shaft Visualisation Chart to consider additional shafts from Ping and other manufacturers.

Dr Paul Wood, Ping director of engineering said, “SkyPro’s swing analyser is a highly-accurate device that allows us to bring our nFlight software into a wireless fitting environment. It is easy-to-use and produces the reliable data needed to make precise custom fitting recommendations in a short amount of time. This first-of-its-kind fitting software, created by Ping engineers and software developers, gives us one more way to ensure that golfers receive the most accurate fittings in golf.”