London Gets New “World Class” Golf Centre

A new golf studio has opened in Moorgate EC2.  EC2 Sports has installed two studio bays complete with  Foresight Sports GC2 and HMT, and Trackman III.

EC2 Sports’ co-founder, Chris Ingham, 29, a fully qualified golf professional, explained: “This is the first time this level of technology has been available in central London. This is not simulation gameplay, which is available elsewhere if you want it; this is the most accurate technology in golf today which allows us to take specialised performance coaching to a completely new level in this part of the city.

“There are several venues such as this in places like San Francisco or New York, but none in London until now. The level of feedback and data obtainable with this technology is astonishing – and, what’s more, it’s wholly accurate. This isn’t game simulation; this is golf analysis down to the minutest detail.

“It’s also the perfect tool for club-fitting as it analyses more accurately than ever before. And the feedback we have had from our clients thus far has been overwhelmingly positive.”

Ingham’s partner in the business, Elliot Godfrey, 30, formerly the head professional at the prestigious Hanbury Manor, added: “This technology eliminates any doubt about the process of hitting the ball. It tells us – and the golfer – exactly where it went when it left the club-face, and why it went where it did. It gives accurate data on every aspect, so there’s no guesswork involved any more, like there still is with many other products.

“It gives you access to the sort of information you simply can’t get elsewhere and simplifies the player/coach relationship. Golfers can see the value immediately and really buy into the technology – and, with some of the world’s top courses digitised within the Foresight software, anything that’s learned in practice can be taken ‘out’ onto the course.

“Nowhere else in the city can you get this level of coaching or club-fitting on the same technology used by the world’s very best golfers. This is a world-class facility in the heart of our capital. We’ve already had a lot of visitors who are members of the health club and some others have traveled across the city to use the facility. We’ve even welcomed an England international footballer in recently for a lesson.”