Lamkin Introduce New i-LINE Golf Grips

Lamkin Corporation has introduced the newest addition to their portfolio, the new i-LINE series which the company say “Combines the low-torque and tacky feel of a thermoplastic elastomer with the proven performance benefits of the high-traction Crossline surface texture”.

“Golfers typically select a grip that offers either a comfortable ‘feel’ or a grip designed for high performance playability,” explains Lamkin President and CEO, Bob Lamkin. “Our goal when developing the new i-LINE grip was to eliminate the age-old compromise between feel and performance, and provide golfers with an extremely comfortable, high-performance grip.”

The new i-LINE grips come in a broad color palette, including several vibrant neon options.  The standard size grip is available in traditional black with a grey cap, turquoise-blue with a navy blue cap, yellow with a lime green cap, orange with a grey cap and lime green with a yellow cap.  The undersize model is offered in traditional black with a gray cap and magenta with a white cap.

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