Growth in Optimism in Orlando

Tony Clark, of PlaneSWING Golf, has exhibited at the PGA Show since 2003 and reports a noticeable improvement in the mood amongst PGA pros since 2008 and even over last year.

Speaking exclusively to GOLF RETAILING Clarke said; “What struck me was the level of confidence in the future amongst PGA Pros and Course owners, this despite a brutal winter in northern USA, a record year of course closures and the decline in golf membership. Lesson revenue in particular is seen as an increasingly important part of their business and there was genuine appreciation of The PlaneSWING Programme, a step-by-step guide to lesson and retail revenue development. This contributed in no small part to our best year ever at The Show.” Said Clark.

Clark added: “Polarisation in businesses is nothing new and the golf industry is no different. We’ve seen it with brands through acquisitions and mergers and I believe we’ll see it with instructors too. Those that don’t adapt and adopt a commercial approach will be overtaken by those that do. Pros don’t have to be a Butch Harmon or a Hank Haney, it’s simply a case of operating to a plan and putting yourself out there.  We’ve decided to focus on helping PGA Pros meet the new challenges and build a strong coaching and retail business. This support is appreciated and is contributing to our success.”