Green Sleeve aims to clean up in the UK

Green Sleeve, the new pocket ball and iron cleaner, is to launch in the UK and will be exhibiting at The Golf Show in Harrogate during October. The innovative hand-sized product, already on sale in the States, features deep-cleaning microfibers in a colourful knitted sleeve. The LPGA is one big-name American-based client, having used Green Sleeve’s personalisation service to create Green Sleeves featuring the tour’s logo.

Following their early success in the United States, business partners Oliver Nimenko and Leon Crouch are now targeting similar success in the UK. Green Sleeve is on sale to the golf trade including individual clubs orders and can be customised to include club logos, company branding or society golf emblems.

Nimenko stated, “The Green Sleeve is something we’re incredibly excited about and we believe fills the gap in the market for a pocket-sized ball and iron cleaner, that’s more convenient than a regular golf towel. We had great success exhibiting the product at the PGA show in Florida, and we’re hopeful that we’ll set tongues wagging at Harrogate this year too.”

Green Sleeves retail at £8.99 each with free delivery and are available in a range of colours including ‘The Original’ all-green Green Sleeve. More details at