Entry level customised clubs from the PGA collection

Sigma Golf’s promotion offers new golfers an opportunity of purchasing a full set of customised irons, including hybrids, at under £200 whilst still affording workable margins for PGA professionals.

Richard Jewell, an Advanced Fellow Professional of the PGA and MD of Sigma Golf said, “We have been offering a reduced-price customised 7-iron for group and individual lessons all season which has proved very popular. In fact, we have had problems at times, especially with ladies clubs, keeping up with demand. Being the members’ own brand we are constantly asking them what they would like to see added to the PGA Collection range. We had several requests for us to supply a range of pre-customised 7-irons that their customers could try and then place orders from their professional to complete the customised set.

“We devised an attractive roller display banner and the complete package includes a display stand with nine customised 7-irons. The response has been very encouraging.  We sent out over 20 packages in the first week and we are now seeing regular orders coming in for customised sets – not just for beginners but also from senior golfers and ladies, who are looking for a recognisable brand at an affordable price. Being involved in retail myself, I am convinced that the PGA Collection is an easier sell than other entry-level brands.”