Foresight Sports Europe Launch Referral Programme

Leading launch monitor and golf simulator manufacturer Foresight Sports Europe has announced the launch of a Referral Programme for golf businesses.

As ownership of home simulator use has soared in recent years, Foresight Sports Europe are helping golf coaches, fitters and entertainment businesses to generate additional income by introducing the Foresight range to their customers.

There is no limit to the amount that Referrers can earn through the programme. For every qualifying Foresight Sports Europe product purchased by a new customer, the Referrer can choose to receive either 3% of the purchase value as a cash payment, or 5% as a credit to spend on Foresight Sports Europe technology. For any qualifying purchases made within 5 days of joining the Programme, earnings are increased to 5% cash, or 7.5% credit on account.

Referral Programme partners are provided with marketing resources to send to their customers; customers who make a purchase with Foresight Sports Europe using the Referrer’s unique tracking code will generate income for the Referrer.

According to Foresight Sports Europe Sales Director Steve Dacre, “Our Referral Programme is extremely simple for our business customers; we provide all the information and resources they need to send so it really requires no effort at all. You can simply forward our suggested email and information flyer to your contacts and wait for the responses – and additional revenue – to come in!”

The Referral Programme is open both to existing customers and non-Foresight customers, so owners of other systems (or those without any current technology) can still benefit from the scheme.

Golf businesses interested in joining the Referral Programme can do so online at or talk to a member of the Foresight Sports Europe team to learn more.