Foremost’s EMP Participation Expands by 30% in 12 months

According to a recent announcement from Foremost Golf, the company has seen participation of its Elite Marketing Programme (EMP) increase by 27% in the space of the last 12 months.

Foremost state that membership of the EMP programme currently stands at 245 which is 60 more than in October 2012 and it is expected to break the 250 barrier early in 2014.

“I am delighted to report that participation of our EMP programme has gone up so much since this time last year,” said Foremost Company Director, Andy Martin.

“During that period we have enlisted over 50 new EMP members which shows the programme is building momentum and illustrates that more and more of our members are beginning to understand the benefits this unique green-grass integrated marketing programme provides.”

For an outlay of just £100 a month EMP membership offers what the company call “A wide range of benefits designed to help improve retail turnover and margins, increase teaching income and enhance the relationship with both club officials and customers”.

The Elite Marketing Programme gives members access to a wide range of EMP supplier promotions designed to drive sales of current product lines and clear obsolete product, at a time when fast turning product cycles are a challenge for many.

Each EMP member is allocated a campaign manager who will help him to put together customised weekly email newsletters designed to advertise special promotions and all the services that a member provides.

The EMP also provides each member with six free Special mails a year to promote Special Events, Demo Days and Shop Specials as well as a branded website put together by Foremost’s experienced support team and featuring sections promoting My Golf Shop, Instruction, Staff News, Club News and Travel and Professional Shop Services as well as up-to-the-minute Product features and professionally-authored coaching article written in each EMP member’s name.

The EMP is widely regarded as the best and most powerful marketing tool in golf retail and provides real benefits for its growing band of members. The recent announcement that Golf Monthly will be supplying the editorial content from 2014 onward should strengthen the programme even further.

“My turnover has increased by 20% and profit by 11% which is something I didn’t expect in these tough economic conditions”, said Chris Botterill Head Professional at Burlish Park Golf Club in Worcestershire.

“In November of 2012 my shop was moved from inside the clubhouse to a new location further from the first tee and away from the clubhouse, although our facilities improved I noticed very quickly a big drop in foot-fall and realised we no longer felt part of the club.

“I took the decision to join the EMP programme and the results are astounding, we now see more of the members than we did before and they all come into the shop to discuss the news they have read about through my newsletter. We use the newsletter to advertise all club fixtures, social events and results and this is now the communication of choice for the owners and club committee, it really has made my new shop the centre of the golf club again.

“The professional look and content of the EMP programme is something that has allowed my business to look far more professional. I no longer have to try to think of promotions they are all planned out for me from the start of the year and reminders and help to run these events is always at hand. Having done the EMP for over a year I wouldn’t want  to try and run my business without it, any member of Foremost who wants to add value to their position and have more contact with their members… this is the best and cheapest option you will ever be offered.”

More information about the EMP and details on how to join are available from Graham Starkey on or by phoning 01753 218913