Foremost sees growth in digital marketing

Foremost Golf reports that it has seen membership of its Elite Marketing Programme (EMP) increase by over 100 during the last twelve months taking the total membership to over 290. With a further 220 Central Marketing Programme (CMP) members it means that over 500 Foremost members are now taking advantage of the group’s digital marketing programmes.

For a £100 monthly fee EMP members receive support designed to improve their retail turnover and margins, increase teaching income and enhance the relationship with both customers and officials at their clubs. The Elite Marketing Programme gives members access to a wide range of EMP supplier promotions to drive sales of current product lines and clear obsolete product.

Each EMP member is allocated a campaign manager who will help put together a customised weekly email newsletter advertising product launches, special promotions and all member services. The EMP also provides each member with six free special mails a year to promote events, demo days, fashion shows and shop specials, as well as a personalised website put together by Foremost’s support team and featuring a wide range of content provided by the team at Golf Monthly magazine.

Foremost director Andy Martin stated, “The EMP is widely regarded as the best and most powerful marketing tool in golf retail and we firmly believe it provides a wide range of real benefits for its growing membership. We have recently spent a good deal of time talking to new EMP members and the vast majority of them have told us they wish they had taken out membership sooner. Several have also told us they believe professionals who aren’t involved run the risk of being left behind and that is clearly not an ideal situation to be in during these difficult economic times.”