Soon after Frank van Wezel took ownership of Italian golf fashion brand Duca del Cosma in 2016, he introduced a message inside the lid of the box housing each pair of golf shoes inviting consumers to contact him personally with any comments or issues with the product.

More than six years on from taking that bold step, he’s received hundreds of ‘Hi Frank’ messages from golfers in 40 countries across the world – from the west coast of America to the north island of New Zealand and the cooler parts of Scotland to the warmer regions of South Africa.

He reads email messages on a daily basis to keep abreast of what consumers think of the stylish luxury golf shoes and respond to any requests for assistance. His post bag increased dramatically in 2020, when Duca del Cosma entered the U.S. market with an unusual product package that included two pairs of laces to match different outfits and a free shoe bag.

The legendary footwear pioneer, who introduced the world’s most successful squash shoe and later supplied golfers like Major champions Ian Woosnam and Padraig Harrington under the famous Hi-Tec label, commented: “I wanted to know firsthand what the buyers of Duca del Cosma shoes thought about the products and found that so many were willing to respond to my message inside the box. Thankfully, the vast majority of responses have been very favourable and many proved helpful in our product development to ensure we keep providing what active golfers want to wear on and off the golf course. I keep a record of every contact and reading them has become a key part of my day.”

Some consumers make contact almost as soon as they open the box. For example, Stephanie said: ‘I’ve just received and unwrapped my new golf shoes and was so excited when I opened the box – not only to find my new shoes, but also a message from the Chairman inside the box lid. What a nice initiative to share my experiences with you. This will be my fourth pair of Duca shoes and definitely not the last. They fit just perfect, are very comfortable and give all the support I need to give my best performance on the golf course.’

Barry wrote: ‘My lovely wife has given me the best Christmas present ever in a pair of your golf shoes. These shoes will knock shots off my golf rounds!

William said: ‘Received my new golf shoes today and I’m very pleased. They fit well and look very sharp. My golf partner wears Duca shoes and swears by them, so I decided to give them a try. My wife is now looking seriously at the ladies’ shoes :-)’

Fiona added: ‘Happy 2021 to you! I love your personal note inside the box of my new golf boots. I work in branding, so it’s interesting to see how a feature as your note does actually work to make my experience feel so much better and more personal.

Even those involved in the golf industry are impressed, as Rob reported: ‘As a Golf Course Estate Manager, I would just like to say – your golf shoes are amazing! I wear them every day to work. They are so good and last the test of time. Keep up the great shoes!’

Among those making contact some time after opening the box were Breda, who wrote: ‘I love your products, both for their style and comfort. I purchased Festiva shoes and Paloma boots last year and thoroughly enjoy wearing them, receiving compliments from playing partners and knowing they went on to make purchases of their own with you.’

While David said: ‘I’ve been a big fan of your golf shoes for many years. I discovered them while my wife and I were in Europe and picked up a pair…and they’ve been my go-to pair ever since.’

Jeannie wrote: ‘I would like to say I really love my recently bought shoes – so comfy and stylish. I also love how the company send a message to all customers via the shoe box lid!’

Elaine added: ‘Just received my third pair of your golf shoes and I absolutely love them! You offer the perfect pink and every time I wear my Duca shoes, ladies go crazy. I even convinced my club in North Carolina to carry your products at the Pro shop!

Steve gave fulsome praise: ‘I’ve got to start by saying your footwear is amazing. I spotted a pair and thought: I’d like the look of those! Then I spotted the brown ones and thought: ‘But, they’re really nice as well. I’ve ended up with 4 pairs. The quality is excellent…and to top it all, when I read the inside of the box lid I thought I’ve never seen that level of gratitude and honest transparency towards a purchase I’ve made. So, I felt compelled to let you know you have now got a lifelong customer!’

Thomas commented: ‘I first bought a pair of your golf shoes a month ago in LA. I’ve had a bad case of Achilles tendinitis, but don’t want to give up playing 4 rounds a week. Your shoes offer the best support I’ve ever had and are so much more stylish than all the look-alike shoes. I now have 3 pairs.’

Sharon declared herself a fan:  The fitting guide was great and I’m so happy my husband found your website. You have a great product.’

Diane advised: ‘In the past, I’ve had a difficult time finding shoes in my size, but I’ve just bought my third pair of Duca del Cosma. Thank you for making a selection of golf shoes in a proper size 42!’

Since the box lid message was introduced, the fashionable Duca del Cosma brand has grown its sales distribution worldwide; gained prestigious Editor’s Choice media awards for its golf shoes and boots in the U.S. and Europe; been rated among the best men’s and women’s golf shoes by leading specialist magazine Golf Digest; and recognised with a bronze medal at the Global Footwear Awards for its KING CHEETAH print design shoe that contributes towards the animal’s survival in South Africa.

Standout men’s shoes in the SS23 range include the sporty POSITANO that features an ultra-lightweight D-Eva outsole technology to offer all-day comfort; the dashing BERNARDO spiked shoe for extra stability and performance across all ground conditions; and the super stylish DANDY shoe with a striking houndstooth print on the soft Nappa leather outer.

For women golfers, the elegant ALEXA shoe provides a genuine wow factor both on and off the fairways, the chic SERENA shoe offers classic detailing, while the athletic AVANTI model delivers a modern on-trend look with performance enhancing features to appeal to a wide range of golfers. More details can be found at: www.ducadelcosma.com