Collaboration produces a modern classic

Leading brands Wolsey and Tricker’s have collaborated to create a special-edition golf shoe. It is the first time that Tricker’s, makers of premium handmade leather shoes, has produced an off-the-shelve model. For the collaboration, Wolsey has produced a simple and timeless brogue design, emphasised by a traditional welted construction. Authentic craftsmanship is evident through the use of materials such as calf leather uppers and linings, a leather insole and a stitched leather outsole.

Founded in 1755 in Leicester, England, Wolsey is one of the oldest existing clothing companies in the world. Jamey Hargreaves, chairman & creative director for Wolsey stated, “Wolsey approached Tricker’s because we wanted to produce a hand-crafted golf shoe made in England. Our shoe is very clean and minimal with our signature Wolsey red as an internal pop colour, which conveys our overall brand aesthetic ‘less-is-more’.”

Richard Gammidge of Tricker’s UK sales & new business development, commented: “We are delighted to have our first ever golf shoe collaboration with the world renowned Wolsey brand. Their knowledge and experience in the golf market combined with our expertise in traditionally-constructed welted footwear has led to this first historic shoe.”

The shoe will be available for retail sale from 14 July with a SRP of £390. More information at: