Axglo Inc. announced today plans to exhibit at the 2024 PGA Show, Jan. 23-26, in Orlando, Flarida. Axglo Inc. will increase our brand’s global recognition by highlighting that we are a well-known Canadian brand, famous for our leading-edge electric golf carts with a follow feature. Our strategy encompasses a comprehensive worldwide marketing campaign and active participation in golf events to expand awareness of our brand. Additionally, we aim to showcase our cutting-edge products to potential distributors and customers, emphasizing the key attributes and benefits they offer. In 2024, we’re excited to introduce new things, such as our golf cart bags, push carts and other on course golf accessories. This demonstrates our dedication to creating excellent products and maintaining Axglo as a leader in the golf industry.

Axglo Inc. Spokesperson Comment/Quote:

We are thrilled to announce our presence at this industry event, where we will be showcasing our state-of-the-art golf products to key retailers or distributors in the international golf community. Our product lineup includes e-carts, golf push carts, package sets, golf bags, and various golf accessories. This event provides an excellent platform for us to introduce our cutting-edge electric golf trolley – Axglo e5 & e3, equipped with advanced Follow features, offering a wide range of functionalities. We look forward to the opportunity to connect with golf enthusiasts and industry professionals from around the world.

The PGA Show, organized by the PGA of America and PGA Golf Exhibitions, will reunite the golf industry for the 71st edition of golf’s longest running and largest global business gathering. Thousands of attending PGA of America Golf Professionals, golf leaders, industry executives and retailers from around the world will source new products from nearly 1,000 golf and lifestyle brands while attending high-level industry presentations, participating in education and career workshops, and connecting in person with peers and golf leaders to drive continued growth of the sport and the business of golf.

About Axglo Inc.

Since 2009, we have made the commitment to provide you with state-of-the-art push carts and other golf accessories at the best price in the market. We can pull this off because of our dedication to continuously innovating and improving every one of the products we make available to our customers.

To make sure we stay true to our mission, we established our personal manufacturing and research facilities. This is where our experienced designers and engineers continue to improve each one of our products. It helps us keep the promise we made to our customers when we newly began, which is – to continue to create innovative and next generation products that will make the golfing experience of our customers easy and full of fun.

Throughout the years, we’ve met the needs of our customers by:

  • Providing them with more affordable and better golf
  • Making products using leading edge technology, and also ensuring they function as they
  • Making products that are easy to
  • Offering them excellent customer service so they can get as much feedback as they need till they are completely

At Axglo, we are constantly innovating and creating better products that meet the needs of our clients. And in the nearest future, we will be a global leader in the golf pushcart marketplace.

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