5 Years of remodelling at Cranfield

Cranfield Golf Centre, near Romford, is currently embarking on a 5 year major remodelling and innovation program. Part of this program is to change the dynamic of the golf range and enhance the experience for golfers.  The aim is to provide something entirely different and not just another target range, which is little more than something to aim at. With the help of European Golf an interesting synthetics turf target green was created where the ball reacts exactly as it does on a real grass green. Players can now practise their short game shots from the driving bay and simulate shots that they will actually face on a real course.

The substantial target green was installed in the outfield of the driving range at the Romford academy complete with fringe and undulations to reflect a normal golf course green. These new features not only provide an aesthetically pleasing target to aim for, but also a more interesting and realistic challenge for visitors to the range.

Often a neglected part of a driving range, in terms of where development and maintenance money would be spent, the target green is where every range visitor spends 90% of their time facing. It is expected that the investment in the new ‘green’ will entice players to revisit the range, as it offers something different to the standard yardage markers most driving ranges provide.

An additional benefit to the range is the low level of maintenance that the European Golf artificial turf used on the new target green requires.

Taking all this into account, the return on the development investment is expected to be well worth the effort.