Why tapping into the EV market is a winning strategy for your business

    Most businesses recognise the importance of developing and

    Dr James Crosby, BSc (Hons) MSc PhD (Cantab)
    Head of Sustainability for Commercial Energy Supply and Usage

    retaining a loyal customer base and the golf retailing sector is no different. A recent Capgemini Report has revealed that 77% of consumer products and retail organisations found that sustainability leads to increases in customer loyalty. That’s why when it comes to exploring greener initiatives, offering EV charge ports at your venue is an essential consideration for any forward-thinking business.

    EV charge ports are rapidly becoming a common feature at a variety of locations. Analysis by Zap Map revealed that public, retail and workplace car parks have the highest number of free EV charging devices, followed closely by supermarkets. With almost 400,000 pure-electric cars and over 740,000 plug-in hybrid models on the UK’s roads, it’s clear that this rapidly growing market presents a big opportunity for golf retailers.

    Getting ahead of the competition

    Installing EV charging ports at your venue provides you with a competitive advantage and showcases your commitment to your customers, your staff and the environment. Transport has the highest reliance on fossil fuels of any sector – accounting for 37% of CO2 emissions from end-use sectors in 2021. This leaves the sector with the longest road to net-zero. Electrification offers a sustainable alternative to fossil fuels and in a world where businesses are increasingly being held to account by their customers, it certainly pays to stay ahead of the curve.

    Reach new customers

    Owning an EV car naturally brings a host of benefits but it is also common for drivers to experience ‘range anxiety’, knowing that their car can only do a finite amount of miles before it needs recharging. Offering an EV charge port at your venue will provide customers with the reassurance that they can charge while they shop. It could also mean that they choose your shop over a competitor who doesn’t offer charging facilities.

    Showcase your business to a UK-wide audience

    Perhaps one of the biggest benefits to installing an EV charge point is the extensive visibility your business will gain. Your premises will be included on websites and smartphone apps that display where drivers can find charge points around the country. This means that drivers could factor a stop at your venue as part of their planned journey and spend money with you whilst they wait for their vehicle to charge. A number of these sites allow customers to leave reviews, which in turn will encourage more EV drivers to visit the location.

    An additional revenue stream

    Whilst some venues will offer free EV charging, the vast majority of EV drivers accept that charging their vehicle at your premises will attract an additional cost. After recouping the cost of installation, your business will benefit from an additional revenue stream, with customers paying for charging through coins, tokens, smartphone apps or bank cards. business.

    With many golf clubs sticking to tight profit lines, EV charging can present additional logistical issues for businesses. First among these is managing the maintenance and repair process if a fault occurs. However, there remains a unique opportunity for golf retailers who often have an abundance of space. EV chargers are a strong income source from otherwise underutilised areas of a property, making them a dream from a £/M2 perspective.

    When future proofing your business, it is important for infrastructural changes to reflect the evolution of your client base and this includes their preference for EV. As your clients’ needs grow and evolve, the facilities which house their hobbies must also adapt to reflect this.


    Dr James Crosby BSc (Hons) MSc PhD (Cantab) is the Head of Sustainability for Commercial Energy Supply and Usage at Advantage Utilities.

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