Toptracer Coach: Revolutionising Golf Tuition with Data-Driven Insights

    Toptracer’s latest launch offers a game-changing platform for coaches around the world to stay connected with their students.

    Toptracer, the leading provider of golf range technology, has unveiled its latest innovation, Toptracer Coach. Designed to enhance the connection between teaching professionals and their students, Toptracer Coach is a ground-breaking digitally-enabled platform that offers objective instruction, data analysis, and practice optimisation.

    As an official range technology partner of the PGA of America, Toptracer consulted with certified PGA Professionals to develop this game-changing coaching tool. With its focus on creating benchmark assessments, practice accountability, and personalised lesson plans, Toptracer Coach aims to revolutionise golf instruction and provide a more effective learning experience.

    The future of coaching is now
    Toptracer Coach works on any internet-connected device, leveraging data from Toptracer Range games to provide a level of performance data unmatched in the industry. Paired with the expertise of a golf coach, the new platform provides the most in-depth, data-rich teaching experience in golf.

    Engaging Assignments
    Set fun to-dos that students can complete at a Toptracer Range-enabled facility in between lessons.
    Benchmark Assessments
    Get a quick, objective view of students’ current skillset and performance.

    Connecting Coaches and Students with Data-Driven Instruction
    Toptracer Coach empowers PGA Professionals to create assignments, access data from Toptracer Range sessions, and deliver objective instruction to their students. By leveraging the expertise of coaches, the platform enables the creation of tailored lesson plans that cater to individual needs. Coaches can, with Toptracer Coach, provide students with objective assessments of their current skill level, monitor their progress in real-time, and guide them through a dedicated practice plan for more effective improvement.

    Toptracer Coach strikes the balance between testing students and keeping the sport fun, by applying an appropriate mental load to optimise learning and execution. The ultimate goal is to help students enjoy the game more and play better golf, thereby increasing their engagement and participation in the sport.

    Toptracer is committed to providing the best golf experience for everyone. We believe that when golfers are having fun and playing better, they play more golf, and Toptracer Coach was built on that philosophy. The tool was designed by our talented team, made up of PGA Professionals and former Tour Pros, as well as a vast network of veteran PGA Pros. Ben Sharpe

    Insights from Golf Professionals
    Renowned PGA Tour coach, Darren May, head of instruction at GroveXXIII in Hobe Sound, Florida, has high praise for Toptracer Coach. May believes that the platform has the capability to completely change the player development process by visualising how improvement occurs through practice and training. He states: “Toptracer Coach crystallises how a player improves through practice and training; the platform connects the dots in player development, starting with standardised assessments and then providing instructor-crafted assignments between lessons to keep students accountable. Toptracer Coach allows for self-discovery on a student’s own time, applying an appropriate mental load for optimal skill acquisition and execution.”

    Industry leaders, such as Don Rea, VP of PGA of America and owner of Augusta Ranch Golf Club, a public course in Mesa, Arizona, recognise the growth potential of Toptracer Coach for instructors. “Toptracer Range provides a funnel for new golfers and there’s an opportunity for PGA Professionals to create their own funnels using Toptracer Coach. Instructors can review practice sessions remotely and keep players accountable through engaging training assignments. Rather than selling time, the platform helps PGA Professionals sell results.” This transformative shift from selling time to selling results allows coaches to grow and scale their business effectively.

    For Don Meadows, Director of Golf at Quail Valley Golf Club in Vero Beach, Florida, Toptracer Coach offers a deeper connection with club members. He commented: “Toptracer Coach gives our instructors greater visibility into members’ practice sessions than ever before. Those insights, paired with all the incredible data points, and the experience of our teaching staff, will forge a more meaningful connection between our coaches and members.”

    Increased Visibility
    Track students’ progress online, in real-time. Make the right decisions based on knowledge consolidated in one place.
    Optimised Experience
    Analyse the results of students’ practice sessions and develop effective lesson plans—all based on objective data.

    Assessment Modes: Toptracer12 and Toptracer30
    Toptracer has also introduced two assessment modes, Toptracer12 and Toptracer30, to complement the launch of Toptracer Coach. The two game modes consist of 12 and 30 shots, respectively, and test different aspects of a golfer’s game, before providing the player with an estimated performance handicap, a total game score, and a number of personalised insights that can be used to inform your next practice session.

    These game modes provide a snapshot assessment of a golfer’s performance in real-time, allowing coaches to gather valuable data without consuming a significant portion of their coaching sessions. This efficient evaluation process helps coaches identify areas for improvement and tailor their instruction accordingly.

    Availability and Future Prospects
    Toptracer Coach is currently accessible to coaches and students using Toptracer Range mobile facilities, on offer at a number of sites around the UK and Europe. The platform will be expanded to all Toptracer Range users on the brand’s Monitor product in autumn this year, providing a comprehensive coaching solution to golfers at any Toptracer range across
    the globe. GR

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