TaylorMade Golf’s Expert Fitter Talks New SIM2 Range

    We caught up with fitting lead Dan Morris, Experiential Manager for UK and Ireland at TaylorMade Golf to discuss the new TaylorMade line-up for 2021 and what fitters should look out for.

    Q: SIM was amongst the best selling driver models in the UK and Ireland last year, so what have TaylorMade done to improve on it with SIM2?

    “The way our R&D team manage to develop and improve the drivers year on year is incredible.

    With the original SIM, we reshaped the driver to deliver speed and aerodynamics at the most critical stage of the swing, for 2021, it is all about construction. We have essentially reinvented the way our drivers are constructed. The benefit to the golfer with this new construction is it allows us to build in more forgiveness while maintaining speed and optimal launch conditions.”

    Q: Tell us what thenew forged ring construction does?

    “The new construction consists of four components and the forged ring is used to bring all those elements together, it’s the defining component of the drivers and something you will see in our marketing campaigns this year. The other modules are the carbon crown, carbon sole and milled back face cup. The forged ring is the adjoining feature for all the components and is made of a lightweight and high strength aluminium that is precision milled allowing us to strategically locate the heavy rear weight low and back in the head to increase MOI.”

    Q: What can fitters and golfers expect to see with SIM2?

    “This year is all about forgiveness and in my experience as both a golfer and a fitter, forgiveness equals confidence. These three drivers enable us to deliver vastly different performance for a variety of players. We know there are a lot of different golfers out there. People will need less spin. People who need more spin. People who hit it straight and people who need draw bias. So, we are delivering across the board with SIM2, SIM2 Max and SIM2 Max•D – separating them in terms of launch and spin. The unifying feature among all three is forgiveness – we’ve increased MOI throughout the entire SIM2 family”

    Performance Comparison – Differentiating Between SIM2, SIM2 Max and SIM2 Max•D

    With three drivers in the line-up, it is important to ensure you know what the differences are between each model.


    “SIM2 is our lowest spinning driver, it’s aimed at those golfers with a slightly faster swing speed or for golfers who are struggling to control their spin this will be the first option we go to in the fitting room. SIM2 typically spins around 200rpm less than SIM2 Max. For golfers wanting to dial in their ball flight the FCT sleeve allows us to alter face angle to control launch direction. The TPS Front Weight is strategically located behind the face to encourage optimal launch with low spin characteristics, delivering complete performance that is low on spin and high on forgiveness.”

    SIM2 Max

    “This is one of the most frequently fitted products due to the stability and forgiveness it offers golfers. For starters, it has a heavier rear weight and larger face versus SIM2. For golfers who struggle with an irregular strike pattern or have a slightly steeper swing, the larger deeper face offers the golfer more surface area to manage mishits. More stability equals more confidence. The TPS Front Weight is strategically located on the sole of the club to encourage the optimal mid-to-high launch with mid-to-low spin properties and max forgiveness.”

    SIM2 Max•D

    “At our custom fit days this is probably the most popular product we offer. Those who struggle with a right miss (for a right-handed golfer) immediately see the benefits of the draw-bias and are amazed at the results. This year the guys have smashed it out of the park with SIM2 Max•D as usually draw-bias drivers come with a trade-off, sacrificing forgiveness for a right-to-left ball flight. But the new SIM2 Max•D has a massive 15% more MOI vs. SIM Max•D due to a repositioned Inertia Generator that’s closer to the heel, encouraging a heel CG that’s low and back for more forgiveness. It’s designed to deliver a higher launch with the largest, most forgiving face in the SIM2 line-up. I highly recommend retailers don’t overlook the opportunity SIM Max•D offers to many golfers”

    SIM2 Irons

    Similarly, with their metalwood line-up, TaylorMade’s SIM range of irons was a huge success in 2020 and now we have all the new SIM2 Max and SIM2 Max OS irons.

    Q: Alongside P-Series irons tell us what we can expect from the new SIM2 irons?

    “Both P-Series and SIM were a phenomenon last year. Across our entire range we have every level and every style of golfer covered, whether you’re a highly-skilled golfer who is looking for the profile and performance of a blade in P7MB or a senior golfer needing all the help they can get in SIM Max OS we have something for you.

    With SIM2 the focus was on performance and feel to the category of game improvement irons and we did that by supporting the entire topline from heel to toe, known as Cap Back Design.”

    Performance Comparison – Differentiating Between SIM2 Max and SIM2 Max OS

    Q: What are the key differences between the two models?

    SIM2 Max

    “SIM2 Max is a game improvement iron with much of the feel of a forged product. It has an array of technologies to deliver a low CG to help maximise launch and spin conditions. The iron is aimed to provide stability on off-centre hits but has a more compact shape with slightly less offset and a thinner topline compared to the OS model.”

    SIM2 Max OS

    “This is a super game improvement iron which is oversized for more stability. If a golfer is struggling with compression, the stronger lofts and thru speed slot can help achieve maximum deflection. It has more offset for those who struggle with a right miss and a thicker topline to inspire confidence. It is equipped with the same technologies that SIM2 Max has but bundled into a low CG oversized package. Both irons include our all new multi material Cap Back design which is designed to maximise stability across the face, speed and manage acoustics.”

    SIM2 Fairways and Hybrids

    Performance Comparison – Differentiating Between SIM2, SIM2 Max and
    SIM2 Max•D

    SIM2 Fairway

    “Like the drivers this is an evolution of the original SIM. It now benefits from a new smaller tour inspired 170cc head. It’s a more conventional and traditional shape to allow for maximum workability for the better player. We are also able to dial in loft and face angle using the adjustable FCT sleeve.”

    SIM2 Max and Max•D Fairways

    “SIM2 Max will be the most frequently fitted fairways due to the size increase from 180cc to 190cc. More surface area will allow for more consistent strikes on off-centre hits for the average golfer. More room for error equals more confidence for the golfer. This year we are also bringing back the popular 3HL option, additional loft will help with launch while controlling curvature. The 195cc SIM2 Max•D has been optimised for forgiveness with heel bias weighting and has the largest head and face area in the current family of fairways.”

    SIM2 Rescue

    “The new SIM2 Rescues offers a sleek look from front to back, it is more of an extension of the irons than metalwoods with a higher toe and CG being positioned closer to the face. It will offer more of a muted feeling rather than a higher pitch sound which better players prefer. It will be more versatile than the SIM2 Max option and have the ability to dial in loft and face angle with the FCT sleeve.”

    SIM2 Max Rescue

    “Like the fairways, this will be our most frequently fitted hybrid we offer due to the more traditional shaping and launch characteristics. SIM2 Max has a deeper and further back CG to promote forgiveness enabling more room for error. With the new SIM2 Rescue and SIM2 Max we now have an option at the top end of the bag for all types of golfers.”

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