Stewart R1 rolls away with reader plaudits

    Six readers road tested the three-wheeled Stewart R1 Push trolley, the first trolley ever to use a rack-and-pinion mechanism to make folding it easier and more reliable.

    The revolutionary folding mechanism, on which Stewart Golf has a patent pending, is completely hidden: there’s no need for external tensioning wires and there are no sliding tubes to trap dirt or grit – that gives a clean design and nothing to get in the way of folding it up or down quickly and easily.

    All our reviewers found plenty to praise in the innovative Stewart R1 trolley


    Rich Williams, manager, Oak Meadow Golf Club

    Rich WilliamsWhen the trolley was delivered the first thing I noticed was how light the box was! (hopefully the trolley was in there.) The Stewart R1 push is so easy to assemble, the rear wheels push on easily and the front wheel slots home and is already pre aligned which makes a refreshing difference to others!

    I have a large staff bag which went on easily regardless of which way you put it on the trolley. The silicon straps went around the 10½ inch bag with ease and actually gripped the back, holding it tight and firm. Stewart do say it will take any size bag and they are absolutely right.

    The Stewart R1 is a joy to use, it makes the bag feel so light almost as though it isn’t on it. The trolley handles any terrain and has a really good brake that works well. It comes with an umbrella holder and there is ample space in the top compartment for balls, tees, mobiles and so on.

    The operation to get the trolley folded is so simple, you flick one lever and the whole trolley folds on itself into what must be the most compact on the market and putting it up again is so easy. The internal mechanism is all hidden and protected by a rigid frame and is a gorgeous design.

    These trolleys can be used summer and winter when electric trolleys are sometimes taken out of use so is a must for all players. I would highly recommend this Stewart R1. There are a few other makes in this premier push market but I don’t believe anybody makes one better than the Stewart R1 push.


    James Evans, head professional, Royal Jersey GC

    James EvansThe first thing you notice about the Stewart R1 is how compact it is when folded down. Great for those small boots on sports cars or packed trolley sheds which is a great selling feature.

    The mechanism to erect the trolley is really simple and effective so no panic when you are late on the tee or have no pro to help. The R1’s handle offers great space for all of your food/accessories and the umbrella holder is a great add on for those wet days.

    The R1 has a great wide wheelbase making it solid as a rock, never blows over in the wind or tips on the slopes. Overall the trolley has a great look and is so user friendly. The key for me as a retailer is that it has so many selling features/benefits making it an easy sell. British engineering at its best!


    Sid Trench, secretary and head professional, Andover GC

    Sid TrenchIn very windy and wet conditions I took the R1 around The Oxfordshire. I found it to be a very stable trolley, easy to push and with all the right sections for my bits and pieces. Best thing about it was the brake as it slipped into brake mode first time every time. My bag sat very solidly in place throughout the round and the umbrella holder was a must. I would recommend anyone to purchase the R1 as it ticks all the right boxes.

    Joe Stevens, The Wisley GC

    Having used the new R1 push trolley for a few weeks now, I have been impressed. In the past I have used push trolleys that have felt a little bit weak and will always have a tendency to drift off line. The highlight for me is how easy the trolley is to fold together. How compact it is makes it easy to fit in any sized car boot.

    I am a big fan of the colour waves available, the white looks fresh. The bag straps are great! Very simple and very robust. The trolley is great for almost any sized bag. I have used my tour bag on the trolley and also my carry bag. Both fit very snug and look great on the trolley.

    One point I will make is that to have the handle at a comfortable height for pushing. Clubs are not very easy to access, so I would suggest maybe an extension on there to make the bag sit a little more upright.

    Jonathan Moss St Anne’s Old Links

    After receiving the R1 trolley I was keen to give it a try after reading so many good reviews about it. And it didn’t disappoint. This is a very sturdy trolley.

    With me using a heavy Tour Bag a lot of the push and pull trolleys feel a bit unsteady but not this. Even with a lot of weight on it’s still so easy to push and just glides along.

    It’s so easy to put up with just two clicks it’s up and ready to go. The R1 trolley really is fantastic, you may think £199.99 is quite expensive for a push trolley but this will last for a very long time because it’s so well built. This also comes with umbrella holder which will also save you money on buying accessories.

    I give this trolley 10/10 I honestly can’t find a fault with it.

    Simon Stevenson, PGA fellow professional, director of golf, Taunton & Pickeridge GC

    Screen Shot 2015-06-05 at 11.13.19The R1 push trolley from Stewart Golf is hands down the best push trolley I’ve used. The build quality is excellent and the stability of the trolley, considering how compact it is when folded, is impressive. Straight out of the box the trolley runs very smoothly and in a dead straight line again showing its quality.

    The included accessories are great and margin at £199 excellent. This is an excellent product to stock to elevate your own brand and to show customers that in life you generally get what you pay for!