Pros fly with Royal Albartross

    Three readers tested shoes from the Royal Albartross collection of premium quality shoes and were suitably impressed.

    Mark Daubney, PGA Advanced Professional, Wetherby Golf Club. Product – Black Jack Bianco

    Mark DaubneyMy first impressions when they arrived where of real class, the box and contents inside, including shoe bags, shoe horn etc. smacked of luxury. The shoes themselves look stunning, a little throw back to the days when golf shoes were real shoes where they not only look great but also look indestructible.

    After having used athletic type shoes for a good while I wondered how well they would fit, I received a size eleven UK, my true size, and they fitted beautifully. I expected them to feel a little harsh on for the first few times I wore them but they were excellent from day one. They do feel a little heavier than an athletic type shoe but you don’t really notice that once on your feet and the stability they give you during your swing is fantastic.

    Pretty much everyone has asked me about them when I wear them, they really do stand out from the crowd, you can see the style and quality. I give full marks for comfort, performance, durability and presentation.

    Jason Fullard, head professional, Torquay Professional Shop. Product – Club Crew White

    Screen Shot 2015-06-05 at 11.23.32My Royal Albartross golf shoes arrived in probably one of the best shoe boxes ever, so my first impression was wow, these will be quality, and I was not disappointed. The test came once I had the shoes on my feet.

    I personally have quiet broad feet so I was expecting some tightness around the foot, I had none and in fact the fit was very, very good. I am a proactive golf professional so being on my feet for ten hours is normal, whether it is coaching in the performance studio or a playing lesson, so comfort is a must.

    The shoes felt very stiff at first, but as time went on they seemed to loosen in all areas and seemed to become more comfortable as time went on. My initial thought on the design was the shoe looks like it should be for a younger person because of the rainbow pattern, but after having the shoe on for several days it kind of grew on me.

    The overall experience of the shoe was pretty good I have to say. If I were asked to give the shoe a mark out of five, I would say four out of five.

    Nicholas McArthur, sales manager, Richmond Park Golf Course. Product – Club Crew Brown

    Screen Shot 2015-06-05 at 11.24.31My pair of Royal Albartross shoes arrived and it was with great excitement that I unboxed them from their sophisticated packaging. Even from the design of the box I knew that these were going to be an absolute pleasure to wear and I was not to be disappointed with the logo ‘The Golf Shoes Perfected’ being not far from the truth.

    I am a pretty standard UK size nine and my Club Crew Brown pair of shoes with their awesome orange stitching and colour coordinated details down the side of the shoes fitted perfectly. My feet were wrapped up by the soft, Italian leather and even by taking a few steps in them they felt well supported and super comfortable.

    The Royal Albartross shoes have a low profile that I love and what feel to be a slightly wider fit, similar to that of a sports trainer. Walking my first 18 holes in them felt like I had been wearing them for ages with no aches or pains after and no blisters associated with cheaper pairs of shoes that need hours of softening up.

    Having played hundreds of rounds of golf in different pairs of shoes from different brands, these shoes were definitely up there with one of the most comfortable and enjoyable pairs I have worn and would rate them five out of five. From a style, comfort and a performance point of view, these are on point and a great addition to my 2015 wardrobe.