LA GOLF is ready to take the world of putters to a new level

    LA Golf has come a long way in a short time. Exclusively distributed by YUMAX Golf in the EMEA, the brand was founded by CEO Reed Dickens, and the Beverly Hills-based firm initially went to market in 2021 with premium aftermarket shafts.. Some of the world’s best players took note, including Bryson DeChambeau, Dustin Johnson, and Michelle Wie West, who all became partners and board members. Success on tour has seen a variety of shafts in play including their ground-breaking putter shafts by tour players including Bryson DeChambeau and Dustin Johnson.

    Reed Dickens with Dustin Johnson

    Proven Track Record
    Dickens has a track record in the US sporting world, taking Marucci baseball bats from word-of-mouth bats made in a garage, to the no.1 bat in professional baseball.

    Bringing those strategies to golf equipment, Dickens insists his staff use the most advanced materials, that have unique performance-enhancing IP, that are used by their performance partners and that have a social currency above and beyond typical sports equipment. A recent pop-up at the US Open is a good example of how the brand dares to be different.
    Dickens said “We create the most technologically advanced putters and shafts. As we continue to grow and evolve, we’re excited to partner with YUMAX Golf, best in class, to grow our brand in the EMEA region.”

    Ben Davis, Commercial Director at YUMAX Golf said “We are delighted to partner with LA Golf and the team in California. With the performance of the product and endorsement from global icons in the game, we are excited to bring the brand to EMEA, get players experiencing the products and how it can improve their game.”


    Carbon Construction
    With LA GOLF’s putter shafts picking up steam on tour, the brand created a world-first carbon putter last year. Now in 2023, they’ve managed to create an even better design, while bringing the costs down.

    “Every putter on the market has a steel head, flat face, and a tiny sweet spot, and now you have an alternative that addresses all of those flaws,” said Reed Dickens.

    “We figured out how to make an even better putter for less money and we’ve addressed all of the flaws that are common with steel-headed, steel-shafted putters. Our sweet spot is larger, our graphite shaft is completely stable so the head doesn’t contort on impact, and we have the ‘Descending Loft’ face so no matter where you strike the ball in the arc, it’ll have optimal roll off the face.”

    Tour Tested Shafts
    Elsewhere, the comprehensive shaft range, all produced in the USA offers Bryson DeChambeau, Dustin Johnson, and Michelle Wie-West signature editions, as well as hand-crafted designs. “We don’t make stock shafts,” Dickens has declared, with the shafts on tour identical to whats available at retail. In particular, the A series is getting a lot of attention with its graphite iron shafts offering the stability of a steel shaft, but with the enhanced vibration absorption carbon fibre offers, while providing even greater consistency than a comparable steel option. The shafts are available in five weight options to suit golfers of all swing speeds.

    Now available in the UK
    LA GOLF are proud to introduce their NEW Gen 2 carbon putters to the UK market. Both new models, the heel-toe weighted blade (Bel- Air) and mallet (Malibu), have standard-size clubheads where as the first-generation putter heads were oversized.
    This new generation of carbon putters, each featuring descending loft face technology, the P-Series anti-vibration shaft, and the largest sweet spot on the market at just under 7,000 MOI (previously the largest sweet spot on the market was around 5,000 MOI), all starting at only £499.
    The design goal for the newly-engineered P-Series graphite shaft (£349, when sold separately) was simple: Eliminate shaft twist on off-centre putts. To do so, the shaft is extremely stiff (the flex is equivalent to “Tour Extra Stiff”) with low torque (1.8-degrees). Just as critical, the proprietary materials produce a
    much softer feel than the static measurements
    might suggest.

    Why make a putter from carbon?
    “The density of carbon fiber/epoxy is more than five-times lighter than stainless steel,” said Jeff Meyer, Chief Design Officer at LA GOLF. “Therefore, we have much more discretionary weight to help optimize the centre of gravity and Moment of Inertia (MOI). Most stainless- steel putter heads weigh around 350 grams. Our Bel- Air carbon body weighs only 50 grams. We use 200 grams of tungsten weight in the heel and toe to achieve our large MOI.” In other words, the uber-stable, 360-gram blade helps putts stay on- track and roll out their full distance.”

    Descending Loft Technology
    Not to be overlooked, the 303-stainless steel face insert is a story in itself. In 2021, LA GOLF bought the SIK putter company, maker of the innovative “Descending Loft Face” technology. Bryson DeChambeau, who is now an LA GOLF Partner, had been playing SIK putters for years and is a big fan of the DLT face performance. He said” “This is the most technology ever put in a putter, and it rolls the ball perfectly.”

    A high number of golfers tend to strike the ball either high or low on the putter face. This results in the ball skidding or bouncing during the early stages of a putt before the ball begins to roll end over end.

    The “Descending Loft Face” configuration was born to counteract the unpredictable roll properties from various impact locations. The putter face is divided into four quadrants with 4-degrees of loft at the top of the face decreasing to 1-degree at the bottom. DLT provides a true-roll regardless of hitting up on the golf ball (contact is low on the face), or down on it (high on the face), the degree changes provide the correct loft to get the putt rolling immediately, with no skipping or skidding.



    LA GOLF’s blades (Bel-Air/Bel-Air X) and mallets (Malibu/Malibu X) are available now in matte carbon at £499 and coming soon in forged carbon at £599.

    Bel-Air X

    By using a carbon construction, a material 5x less dense than solid steel, the extreme perimeter weighting allows for a much larger area of forgiveness on off-centre hits.


    LA GOLF’s patented Descending Loft Face technology features four descending degrees of loft that create a consistency in launch angles that yields more predictable rolls every time.

    Malibu X

    Plumbers neck hosel putters come standard with the P-Series 135 shaft, while all other neck options come with the P-Series SoHo shaft. Both produce unmatched stability, and feature anti-vibration material to create the signature feel and performance LA GOLF is now known for.
    Lengths: 33”, 34”, 35”, 36” Grip: Pistol, Midsize, Jumbo

    LA GOLF’s Bel-Air and Malibu series are both available now for pre-sale at If you are interested in becoming a stockist please contact us

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