Foremost Central Payment membership increases by record 21% in 2021

    Foremost’s optional Central Invoicing and Payment System has gone from strength-to-strength in 2021 with a record number of 91 group members opting-in to benefit their businesses. The influx of pros within the group moving into the system has raised the total number subscribed to almost 500, which now exceeds the amount managing their finances directly.

    Membership Services Manager, Ian Melham, spoke about the increase in members joining the programme: “The movement towards getting more financial admin support has coincided with the rise of the modern, proactive golf professional. This new generation of members tend to embrace technology more and relying on the system gives them the flexibility to engage with their members more.”

    “It’s also not just the younger generation that are seeing the benefits as some of our more established members recognise the benefits of saving time and the ease of managing their finances through the system,” Melham added.

    A totally unique service to Foremost Golf, Central Invoicing and Payment takes the hassle out of business transactions thanks to a centralised, consolidated invoicing system. The system collates all Approved Supplier documents into one location, so effectively Foremost members have just one supplier and only 24 invoices a year, freeing up more time to spend retailing, coaching, fitting and even playing. Features like Cash Flow Forecasting and the Online Document Manager make the online admin process simple and provide greater control of finances. The system is backed by the Finance Support Team at Foremost Head Office who provide excellent advice and expertise.

    “Over the past 18 months, professionals have been forced to manage their time better and we’ve seen many turn to us for support on the financial side,” said Melham. “It’s an area of running the business which can drain a lot of time and energy from a pro, and we’ve heard from a lot of our members that they wished they had made the switch earlier.”

    Alderley Edge Pro, Charles Le Sueur, and Adam Curtis from Bude and North Cornwall, are among the crop of Foremost members to recently switch to the Central Payment service.

    “I have been aware of the central payment membership option for some time; however, I initially questioned the cost for the offering,” commented Le Sueur. “I thought I could do it myself to help improve my bottom line but since the beginning of the covid pandemic I’ve been extremely busy which led me to switching in March of 2021.

    “Since making the transition, it’s been fantastic, and I can’t fault the system. For me, the biggest thing is the time saving which allows me to fit in extra lessons to instantly make the cost back and so much more,” Le Sueur continued.

    In November 2020, Adam Curtis took over at Bude and North Cornwall having risen through the ranks at the club: “My strengths as a golf pro are being very personable and having a deep knowledge of the game, so getting support running a business is very important to me. I was fortunate that my predecessor was a Foremost member so there was already an established relationship and knowledge of our operation. Not having to pour through hundreds of invoices for each club or grip sold is a bit of a godsend and gives me so much more visibility of my overall business finances.”

    “Overall, the main benefit, as I see it, is that central payment membership allows me to focus on my strengths as a golf professional which offsets the cost associated and actually gives me more time to be out there engaging with my customers,” said Le Sueur. “In my current operation, I don’t have an assistant, so it’s even more important for me to be efficient with my time.”

    New to the role of Head Professional, Curtis has trusted Foremost’s support across his business operation: “The value of services you get from Foremost, with the likes of Central Payment and EMP (Elite Marketing Programme) Premium, is terrific and I’ve made the cost back tenfold in the time and service I can offer my customers.”

    “I would advise any member to sign up,” continued Curtis. “The online portal is very easy to use. You can check every invoice with a clean breakdown and getting the collated invoice after 15 days allows me to dedicate my attention and focus to the task in hand. Knowing it’s taken care of; that Foremost do it for you, that’s a big help.”

    “At Alderley Edge we’ve seen a boom in membership and with this extra wave of potential customers, it has been vital to spend my time being a golf professional and not having to focus on accounts,” added Le Sueur. “The small initial outlay has been more than justified and I’d happily recommend central payment to anyone.”

    For more information on how Foremost can assist you and your business in 2022 simply email or call 01753 218890.

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