Custom fit keeps them coming back

    Doug Holmes of Diamond Golf believes custom fitting can build beneficial relationships with members as well as help to sell more club sets.

    There are more benefits from custom fitting than the cash you collect from selling a set of clubs. A successful fitting that results in the golfer improving his or her game means they will get more enjoyment from it – all of which reflects well on you and boosts your chances of becoming the favoured source for all their golfing needs. So, in short, custom fitting can become the cornerstone operation of any pro shop. The trick, of course, is to persuade golfers, good, bad or beginner, that custom-fitted clubs can help them improve their game.

    I am sure you may have had the comment from a golfer saying he or she is not a good enough player to benefit from custom fit. In reality, the opposite is true. Good players will be able to make adjustments to their swing to use most clubs effectively, albeit at the expense of some performance. By contrast, adjusting their game to fit any club is beyond the capability of the novice or high handicapper. Thus, all golfers will benefit from ensuring their equipment is set up correctly, especially the less accomplished.

    Above all in most cases, custom-fitting is about applying common sense. It is important to understand what can be changed, why it should be changed and how to change it. However, it is crucial to recognise that the sale of custom fit clubs should only be considered if a golfer will benefit from having new ones.

    From the pro’s standpoint, the primary importance of considering custom fitting clubs, whether in the present or at a later date, is recognising it as an opportunity to give timely, simple advice that can have a positive effect on a golfer’s game. It can be as simple as re-gripping advice, looking at shaft length for improved consistency of ball strike or a lie-check to get your golfer finding more fairways and greens.

    Such solutions are inexpensive so the chances are you will not only be thanked for going down this route, you will also be respected for not persuading the customer to splash out on a set of new clubs when it may not be necessary. This should establish trust and so the golfer is likely to remember and return for lessons, balls, clothes or even the odd Mars bar! Simply put, the foundations of a beneficial relationship for both parties have been laid.

    Moreover, word of mouth recommendation is the most effective form of publicity there is. Once word gets round it will also enhance your reputation with your customer’s contacts and friends as well your golf club’s committee or management.

    Finally, this one on one interaction is a key advantage you have over the high street retailer or internet operator – which is why custom fitting, whether in the present or the future, can be the cornerstone for a successful pro shop.

    Diamond Golf supplies ‘nuts and bolts’ components to golf professionals and club makers, enabling them to fit, build and repair any golf club. To know more about the range of components supplied by Diamond Golf call 01903 726999, or visit: