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Volvik balls fly off the shelves

Golfers have been turning to coloured golf balls in droves since Bubba Watson began playing on the PGA Tour with a Pink S4 ball from Volvik.

Golf shops across the UK report spontaneous pre-game trial purchases of single red, orange, green as well as pink Volvik VIVID balls, which often result in follow up sales of the 3-piece matte coloured balls by the dozen.

“It’s been the quickest-selling golf ball I’ve ever had in my Pro Shop,” said Jon Newham, at Mapperley Golf Club in Nottingham. “The Volvik stand sits on my counter with a plastic tub next to it full of 2-3 dozen different coloured balls. Ninety-nine percent of my box sales come from customers who started out buying a single ball for £3.50. I first ordered 12 dozen and sold them all in two weeks, so I’ve ordered more and added an extra colour – blue – which lots of people have asked for.

“The Volvik ball is known at the club as the ‘Bubba Ball’ and playing a pink ball is definitely associated with him. It was a shame he didn’t make the weekend at Augusta to show off the green ball, but it got sales off to a great start,” added Jon.

A similar story comes from Jeff Sim at Cooden Beach Golf Club in East Sussex. “Originally, I ordered nine dozen and then another 12 dozen as even members of other clubs in the area have come in to buy them, including quite a lot of ladies who like to buy half a box in one colour and half a box in another,” said Jeff. “The lime green and orange colours have been the best-sellers.”

Another Pro Shop stocking more Volvik coloured balls is the one operated by Mike Worley at Shooters Hill Golf Club in Greenwich south-east London. “I ordered the VIVID balls in four different colours and the green and red have been the strongest selling colours so far. Golfers love the matte finish as it’s completely different to anything else on the market. I’ve topped up my original order and added blue and yellow colours to expand the range, along with the goldfish bowl to display them.

“Some customers have bought into the Volvik ball because it’s just a good ball and performs well, while others simply see it as just a bit different and easy to find because the colours really stand out. Initially, I gave away a couple of free balls when they came into the shop and those people came back and bought boxes off the back of the free ball,” added Mike.

The Volvik VIVID range. It comes in Red, Orange, Pink, Green, Lime, Blue, Yellow and WhiteThe Volvik S4 ball has a RRP of £49 per dozen and the Volvik Vivid retails at £39 per dozen.