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New high-tech videos from PowaKaddy

PowaKaddy has unveiled an exciting line of high-tech videos that offer a deeper insight into the cutting-edge technology on offer with its new Freeway & Compact C2 trolleys, as well as high-performance Lithium batteries.

The new videos – made with the brand’s super-intelligent CAD technology – provide a look at all three Freeway trolleys in the 2017 range (FW3i, FW5i, FW7s), plus the newly-launched Compact C2 model.

As well as specific benefits unique to each model, the videos delve further into mainstay features that have proved a hit with golfers, including low profile PowaFrame chassis, whisper-quiet powerful motors and the increasingly-popular Plug ‘n’ Play battery system that avoids any fiddly wires or connectors.

PowaKaddy has also introduced a video focusing solely on its Lithium batteries, honing in on the ‘Plug ‘n’ Play connection and the host of other benefits the battery offers.

“We’re really excited about the new videos and believe they provide an invaluable opportunity for golfers to learn more about each trolley and the level of technology at their disposal,” said Mei Tierney, PowaKaddy Marketing Manager. “We wanted to create an easy way for golfers to check out our new products from their computer, tablet or mobile device, but the videos will also help our retail partners when communicating to their customers too.”

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