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London Golf Club improves water efficiency

Kent-based European Tour destination, London Golf Club has updated their irrigation system with the Rain Bird V8 irrigation and control software. The V8 system combines computer-aided design with GPS geo-referenced images and state-of-the-art ET-based scheduling that are designed to be easy to install and use.

This accurate data and user-friendly control system technology has quickly improved irrigation practice at the club and reduced water usage costs.

Paul Kennedy, Head of Irrigation and Water Management at London Golf Club, is responsible for keeping 36-holes of championship golf in an impeccable condition all-year round.

He commented: “Our irrigation system is used between 60 and 90 days a year, beginning in March when we start up again after winter. With accurate data, having a control system you can actually use is what improves your irrigation practice.”

He continued: “It’s all about central control. V8 makes everything more accessible. Hardware and data are available on one screen and with Windows™ functionality, the icons are simple and it’s easy to use. The mapping is easily the best new feature. You can see what’s running, what’s working or not. I can immediately see where adjustments have been made.”

The new Rain Bird V8 system is engineered for timeless compatibility, meaning that existing hardware can be used alongside new software. Everything can be controlled remotely; temporary changes can be made using a tablet or smartphone, giving users unprecedented levels of water regulation.