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Last of the golf inventor mavericks passes away

Harold Swash died peacefully in hospital in Liverpool on December 8th 2016.

Harold was a significant personality in golf. He pioneered the grooved-faced putter in a home workshop, and his C-Groove club-face concept left a mark on the game that still represents a paradigm shift in greens play all over the world.

He founded the Harold Swash School of Putting which he directed for many years with his valued wingman and co-coaching professional Phil Kenyon.

A systems engineer by profession, he was a primary architect in one of Europe’s major automotive factories in North England the GM / Vauxhall plant in Teeside, North Wales. His great passion, though, was golf.

He distinguished himself as a footballer during his National Service in Egypt, but his instinct for precision and perfection led him to the business of putting. As a thinking golfer Harold used his knowledge of engineering to pioneer a golfing innovation that became the confounding envy of golf brand giants including TaylorMade and Titleist.

In his home workshop he conceived and hand-worked the first groove faced putter in 19..–  The Swashbuckler – that went on to gift many Open and Masters winners all over the world as the concept behind Yes! Golf and the C-Groove Putter. It revolutionized the way that golfers understand top-spin and ball roll-dynamics.

During the last twenty years, Harold was a regular coach on practice greens everywhere. He has been instrumental in establishing Harold Swash School of Putting enterprises on all five continents. His network of franchisees, disciples, business associates, Tour champions and amateur golfers worldwide will mourn his loss and miss the solid and dependable nature of his unique coaching and gentle English West Midlands brogue.

His colleagues, fellow tour professionals and golfers worldwide have lost a mighty teacher and an influential force for achievement of perfection in the game of golf.