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KBS Golf Shafts launch TOUR FLT

KBS has introduced the newest member of the KBS Golf Shaft Family; KBS TOUR FLT, a Tour influenced shaft to fit the broadest range of players, from the amateur golfer, to a Tour Professional.

Offering a lower ball flight for the 8 Iron and down clubs, and a higher ball flight for the 6 Iron and up, it accomplishes this while being longer and providing more spin, with the consistency and efficiency of more control. KBS TOUR FLT also features the standard to which KBS is known, providing maximum energy transfer to ensure a smooth, stronger feel through impact and are proven to produce a more piercing trajectory, tighter dispersion and increased ball control. Ranging from amateur players to professional players, everyone that is ready to ‘Fly’ the ball better, KBS welcomes you to the future with KBS TOUR FLT – The Evolution of Performance.

Kim Braly, Director Of R&D & Tour Operations, KBS Shafts, said:The KBS TOUR FLT Series Shaft will be the first ever produced shaft designed to fit the broadest range of players and get immediate successful results.”

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